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Monday, November 18, 2019


Charlotte Flair to replace injured Becky Lynch in Survivor Series

Charlotte Flair

The WWE has bumped up an anticipated match between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to this weekend due to a legitimate injury to Becky Lynch.

Lynch suffered a broken nose and concussion after being punched in the face by Nia during RAW on Monday night.

Lynch was set to face Rousey at Survivor Series on Sunday. Since she will be medically unable to wrestle, she appeared on “Smackdown” Tuesday and asked Flair to replace her in the match.

There was heavy speculation that the WWE was trying to build towards a Flair vs. Rousey match at WrestleMania next year. Perhaps whatever happens on Sunday will be with a future WrestleMania match in mind.

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John Cena reportedly refusing to go to Saudi Arabia

The WWE has faced a lot of scrutiny for proceeding as scheduled with its “Crown Jewel” event in Saudi Arabia in the wake of the mysterious death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and at least one superstar may be backing out.

Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports reported on Monday that John Cena and Daniel Bryan are “refusing” to go to Saudi Arabia, while other wrestlers have expressed concern about working the show.

In his latest episode of “Wrestling Observer Radio,” Dave Meltzer confirmed that Cena is refusing to take part in the Crown Jewel. Meltzer said the WWE creative team was informed on Monday that they need to find a replacement for Cena, according to WrestlingInc.com.

Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian who lived in the United States, was killed at the Saudi Arabian consulate on Oct. 2. News reports stated that he was murdered and dismembered inside the consulate, and Saudi officials initially said he left alive before admitting he died. They claimed Khashoggi was strangled to death after a fight broke out.

Many politicians and companies have called for Donald Trump to condemn Saudi Arabia in the wake of the incident, but the president said he spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and believes a thorough investigation is taking place.

The Crown Jewel is scheduled for Nov. 2, but there has been talk that it is in jeopardy. Fox said WWE officials have been scrambling in an attempt to find a new location for the event.

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Wrestling community reacts to Roman Reigns leukemia news

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns will not have to fight leukemia alone.

Reigns will have the support of the wrestling community as he battles leukemia, which has returned after it was in remission since 2008.

The WWE Superstar announced at the start of “RAW” on Monday night that he was relinquishing his title due to the return of his leukemia. He asked for the prayers and support of anyone who would provide it. He received plenty of well wishes and support from his fellow wrestlers.

Take a look at all the tweets sent in support of Reigns:

Roman Reigns relinquishes WWE title to fight leukemia

Roman Reigns

WWE’s “RAW” show on Monday night turned somber very quickly after the promotion announced some difficult news about Roman Reigns.

Reigns opened the show by taking the mic and saying he was relinquishing his championship belt because his leukemia returned. He ended up laying his title belt in the ring to show he was relinquishing it.

The WWE also announced the news in a press release.

Reigns’ leukemia had been in remission since 2008.

Reigns, real name Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, is 33 years old. He has been controversially pushed as a major face of WWE the past several years and has headlined WrestleMania the last four years, including a shocking win over The Undertaker.

He is a four-time world champion in WWE. Reigns was suspended 30 days in 2016 for a violation of the company’s wellness policy.

Ronda Rousey hits Nikki Bella with John Cena jab during promo

Rowdy Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is bringing the heat to Nikki Bella.

Rousey and Bella have been feuding this week ahead of their WWE Evolution match on Oct. 28. Things began when the Bella Twins turned on Rousey last week and beat her up following their victory over The Riott Squad.

Rousey brought her A-game on “RAW” Monday night with a promo she cut in the ring. She went in on Nikki Bella, calling the twins “Do Nothing Bellas.” Rousey then got in the ultimate dig when talking about all the doors she’s knocked down in her career.

“The only door you’ve knocked down was the door to John Cena’s bedroom,” Rousey said.

Cena and Bella dated for several years and got engaged last year, but they broke up and got back together a few times before once again calling things off a couple of months ago. Their relationship issues centered around plans for children.

Twitter reacts to Eagles’ ‘Hulk Hogan’ audible call

Hulk Hogan

The Philadelphia Eagles appear to have quite an interesting audible call in their playbook.

As Carson Wentz was at the line of scrimmage for a 4th-and-2 before halftime, he could be heard yelling “Hulk Hogan.”

We never got to see what the Hulk Hogan audible was because a timeout was called. The Eagles ended up kicking a field goal on the possession.

Fans on Twitter seemed to like the audible:

Of course there were some who speculated the Hogan audible was a play for Riley Cooper on account of the racist remarks made by each man.

Wonder what the Hulk thinks of it, brother.

Seattle fans revolt over Elias’ SuperSonics jab on ‘RAW’

Elias Kevin Owens

If there’s one thing you don’t do, it’s take a shot at Seattle over the loss of their SuperSonics. WWE’s Elias learned that the hard way.

Elias and Kevin Owens were in the ring for a segment prior to Owens’ match with Bobby Lashley on “Monday Night Raw” in Seattle’s Key Arena.

Owens said something about Bobby Lashley teaming with John Cena not making sense. Elias responded with his jab, saying a basketball team in Seattle does not make sense. The fans in attendance proceeded to let Elias hear it with boos:

The boos were so hard they continued for several minutes and essentially prevented Elias from carrying on with the rest of his segment.

Fans watching the show on TV reacted immediately on Twitter:

Seattle has not had an NBA team since the Sonics left for Oklahoma City in 2008. They got one year of Kevin Durant as a rookie when the team won 20 games. The franchise proceeded to draft Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Serge Ibaka, forming the cornerstone of one of the best teams in the league. The fans in the area take the matter seriously, as this T-shirt company, and now Elias, could tell you.