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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Myles Garrett believes Browns can win eight straight

Myles Garrett

The Cleveland Browns would have to win all eight of their remaining games to go 10-6, but Myles Garrett believes it’s doable.

The standout defensive lineman suggested Friday that the Browns are capable of winning eight in a row, which would likely be enough to put them in the playoffs despite a 2-6 start.

This is one of those cases where you’re not sure what else a guy like Garrett is supposed to say, but to say this is unlikely would be an understatement. There are winnable games left on the Browns’ schedule — they face Cincinnati twice, for instance, plus a home game against Miami that they absolutely should be winning. Still, that’s only three of eight games, and they have to deal with the Steelers twice, as well as the Ravens. Even their upcoming game this week against the defensively sturdy Buffalo Bills is a scenario where many will not expect them to win. The team simply has to walk before it can run.

There are other reasons that the Browns might want to start winning even a few games, though. One of them may be to save the coach’s job at this point.

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