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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Reuben Foster’s girlfriend recants domestic violence claim

Reuben Foster

Reuben Foster’s girlfriend has reversed course and now claims that the San Francisco 49ers linebacker did not injure her.

The attorney for Foster’s girlfriend says the woman is now telling authorities that her injuries were incurred as part of a fight with another woman. There is supposedly video evidence of this fight, according to the Sacramento Bee. The woman now says that Foster wanted to break up with her because of her fight with the other woman. The woman’s attorney claims she said she would trash Foster’s career if he broke up with her.

Prosecutors still filed charges despite the girlfriend recanting her claims.

Foster was charged on April 12 with three felonies related to the incident, as well as one misdemeanor. The 49ers linebacker was accused of punching the 28-year-old woman multiple times and leaving her with a ruptured ear drum.

Prosecutors can still move forward with their charges even if the woman recants her claims. They can use the medical report, 911 phone call, and photos as evidence to support their case.

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