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Thursday, February 27, 2020

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Kobe Bryant, wife Vanessa pay tribute to Kobe with newest daughter’s name

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa welcomed their fourth daughter into the world this week, and the latest member of the Bryant clan shares a name with her dad.

Vanessa Bryant announced on Instagram Friday that Capri Kobe Bryant was born the day before.

“Our baby girl is here!!!! Capri Kobe Bryant. So thankful for our newest baby blessing. 6/20/19,” Vanessa wrote.

Kobe and Vanessa have four kids together, and all four are girls. They are apparently open to trying for a fifth child in hopes of having a boy, but one of Kobe’s daughter can already give the future Hall of Famer a run for his money on the basketball court. Retirement is treating Kobe well so far.

Kobe, Vanessa Bryant to try for fifth child in attempt to have a boy?

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa have a fourth child on the way, but none of the Bryant children will be eligible to follow in their dad’s footsteps by playing in the NBA. That’s because they are all girls, but is there still a chance Kobe and Vanessa could have a boy?

According to Hollywood Life, Kobe and Mrs. Bryant are still hoping to have a son. That means there’s a good chance they could end up with as many children as Kobe has championship rings.

“Kobe and Vanessa would absolutely love to have a son but are completely blessed that they have healthy beautiful daughters,” a source close to Bryant told the gossip publication. “They will try again, they aren’t done with their family and look to grow it regardless of the fifth child is a son or daughter.”

The insider added that Kobe has joked to friends that his fifth child will be a boy, since five is a lucky number for him.

If you got a chance to see his hilarious gender reveal video last year, you know Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward knows how Kobe feels with wanting a son. Perhaps the fifth go-around will be a different story for the Bryants.

Kobe Bryant, wife Vanessa welcome third child

Kobe Vanessa Bryant

Now eight months removed from the final NBA game of his career, Kobe Bryant is ready to take on a new challenge — and it has nothing to do with basketball or business.

TMZ has learned that Bryant and his wife Vanessa welcomed their third child, another little girl, this week. Kobe and Vanessa already have two daughters, and they announced back in July that they were expecting a third.

The Bryants’ first daughter , Natalia Diamante, was born in 2003. Their second daughter, Gianna Maria-Onore, was born in 2006. Ironically, Kobe once gave a Lakers writer advice on how to conceive a boy.

A third baby is great news for Kobe and Vanessa, especially after we learned about the miscarriage they endured years ago. Retirement just got a little better for one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Kobe Bryant, wife Vanessa expecting third daughter

Kobe Vanessa Bryant

Kobe Bryant retired from the NBA only a few months ago, and he wasted no time expanding his family.

Kobe and wife Vanessa announced on Instagram Tuesday that they are expecting their third child — a girl — which would give them three girls.

Beyond blessed and excited to share that we are expecting our third baby girl!!! #Blessed #BabyMamba #Thankful

A photo posted by Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) on

The two seem excited about the pregnancy. Their first daughter, Natalia Diamante, was born in 2003. Their second daughter, Gianna Maria-Onore, was born in 2006. Their third is coming soon.

The big irony is that Kobe once gave a Lakers writer advice on how to have a boy:

There was one thing, years ago, I had two girls and we were talking about how we were going to try to have a third. And, he told me that to have a boy, I need to keep my socks on with my wife… that was his advice. I did not listen, and I have a third girl.

Clearly Kobe forgot to leave his socks on.

This is really great for the Bryant family, especially since we learned that Vanessa suffered a miscarriage years ago. Maybe they always wanted a bigger family.

Kobe Bryant: Wife Vanessa suffered miscarriage during rape trial

Kobe Vanessa Bryant

Kobe Bryant opened up in an unprecedented way in his new documentary and even revealed that wife Vanessa suffered a miscarriage during his rape trial in 2004.

Bryant was investigated for sexual assault in 2003 after having sex with a woman who worked at the Colorado hotel where he was staying ahead of a procedure he was set to undergo on his knee. The charges against Bryant were dismissed in 2004 after the accuser said she would not testify, and the two later settled a civil suit.

In his new documentary “Muse,” which aired on Showtime over the weekend, Bryant revealed that Vanessa suffered a miscarriage with what would have been their second child.

“Things would have been really easy to leave, especially during that time. It would have been much easier to leave. Take half the money. Have your daughter. But she didn’t do that.

“We were expecting our second child during that time. There was so much stress … she actually miscarried. I have a real hard time dealing with that because I felt like it was just my fault. Like we should be building our family but because of my mistake — because of this tough year — we lost a baby.

“We tried to justify — you don’t realize how common miscarriages are, you know, these things happen and it’s a part of the process. But the reality is it happened because of me. That’s the reality of it. And that’s something that I gotta carry forever.”

The Bryants’ first child, daughter Natalia, was born in 2003. The miscarriage occurred during the spring of 2005. Their second daughter, Gianna, was born in May 2006.

The miscarriage was one of many difficult times in the relationship between Kobe and Vanessa. She reportedly was fuming when some shirtless photos of Kobe were taken in 2012, which were released months after she filed for divorce in late 2011. The two eventually called off the split in 2013 and got back together.

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Vanessa Bryant to be on ‘Real Housewives of OC?’

kobe-vanessa-bryantVanessa Bryant doesn’t seem like the type to take part in a dramatic reality TV show like “Real Housewives of Orange County,” but that may be exactly why the shows producers are reportedly looking to add her. According to RumorFix.com, there will be a new face on the next season of RHOC and it could be Kobe Bryant’s better half.

“There will be a new girl and a new friend,” an insider reportedly told the gossip site. “They are looking at athletes’ wives. There is one who plays professional baseball. There have also been talks of Kobe Bryant’s wife being scoped out.”

Earlier this month, Radar Online reported that one of the shows current stars, Tamra Judge, could be given the boot with the producers looking to get rid of her pot-stirring antics and add a “voice of reason” to the cast.

“Everyone is stirring the pot too much. So they’re NOT looking for someone who’s a sex pot or out of control,” Radar Online reported. “Actually, just the opposite. They want someone who’s really successful, an entrepreneur or just someone who’s well respected among their peers.”

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant nearly went through a divorce last year but ended up reconciling. There have also been rumors that Vanessa hates Khloe Kardashian, which has the potential to make for good television. We’ll see if the rumors come to fruition.

Kobe Bryant posts picture of wife Vanessa in skimpy lingerie

Kobe Bryant probably had a better Valentine’s Day than you. How do we know that? Because wow, I’m still in shock about the picture he shared of wife Vanessa wearing some skimpy lingerie.

Kobe posted the photo to his Instagram account Friday night and called Vanessa “Queen Mamba.” Here was the caption:

“#QueenMamba @ladyvb24 Celebrate the one you love #myvalentine happy valentines day to all #blessings”

The picture is so risque, I’ve posted it below the jump.