Ron Washington caught smoking a cigarette in Rangers dugout (Video)

Ron-Washington-smokingThere are a number of designated smoking areas around the Ballpark in Arlington where smokers can go if they need a fix. To our knowledge, the Texas Rangers dugout is not one of them.

That didn’t stop Rangers manager Ron Washington. During the 9th inning of his team’s 11-3 victory over the Seattle Mariners on Sunday night, Washington was caught by television cameras taking a puff of what appeared to be a cigarette. There’s always an outside chance it could have been one of those fake vapor cigarettes smokers use to help them overcome addiction, but I highly doubt it.

Getting through a game where 14 runs are scored without smoking cannot be easy for someone who is addicted to cigarettes. That being said, MLB has banned smoking in dugouts because it is a public relations nightmare. Washington will probably be hearing from the league.

H/T LBS reader Manny R.

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  • preachermanso

    What did they do? Give you a little pat on the head for catching him and reporting on it? You must have been the little twerp in grade school that always ran to the teacher every time you caught someone swearing.

  • Daniel Keeney

    I don’t see any smoke. Sure he wasn’t just raising something that isn’t a cigarette or an unlit cigarette to his mouth?

  • Sam Miller

    Maybe it was of one of those ‘electronic’ cigarettes?