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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Screw That A$$ Hole Jose Guillen

ARGGG, I cannot stand Jose Guillen. I think he comes as close as it gets to a player I might hate in baseball. No, I’m not saying that I hate him, but he’s as close as it gets. Look, the guy’s talented. But he has some serious screws loose. How else can you explain his nomadic career? Nine teams in eleven years says a lot about what kind of player you are — err, are not.

Let’s recap, down the stretch of the ’04 season which the Angels wound up as AL West winners by a thin margin (a game to be exact), Jose Guillen pouted after being lifted for a pinch runner in an Angels 5-3 win over the A’s. Scioscia and the Angels made the decision to suspend Guillen for the rest of the season and post-season, as the Angels went 6-2 without Guillen, before getting run by the eventual World Champion Red Sox in the first round of the playoffs. It wasn’t the first time Guillen had been a problem in the clubhouse, and the Angels wanted to prove that no player was bigger than the entire team — a sentiment with which I agree.

Obviously Jose Guillen was not happy about what happened to him — who would be. Fast-forward to June, 2005. Now playing with the Washington Nationals, Jose Guillen apparently tips manager Frank Robinson to check former teammate, Brendan Donnelly’s glove considering Donnelly puts pine tar in it, which is a banned foreign substance. The glove is checked, Donnelly was ejected, a big fight between Scioscia and Robinson ensued, and the Angels lost their concentration and 3-1 lead, and wound up losing 6-3, with Guillen belting a key home run. Scioscia and Robinson were suspended a game apiece, while Donnelly got suspended 10 games — a costly blow to the Angels.

Look, any Angel fan protects Scioscia and Donnelly over Guillen. Scioscia’s the skipper and World Series manager, and Donnelly’s our boy — awesome in the bullpen for years, and a key piece to the 2002 World Series winner. And Jose Guillen fucked with both of them. Not only that, but earlier this season, with Guillen on the Mariners, and Donnelly on the Red Sox, the two faced each other. Donnelly struck his ass out, and then the two got in a mini-brawl.

So now finally, tonight in Anaheim, as a member of the Seattle Mariners, that jerkoff Jose Guillen returns to face the Angels. And let me tell you, that ass clown still holds a grudge against Scioscia:

“That’s something I’ll never forget,” Guillen said Thursday, sitting at his Safeco Field locker. “And I’ll never forgive him, either. I don’t care if he tries to approach me 100 times. He doesn’t have any spot in my heart.”

Well, Jose Guillen, you have not spot in my heart either. You don’t fuck with my Angels. I hope you get swept and you go ofer in the series. Best of luck, jackass.

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