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Thursday, June 21, 2018

All Grownz Up? Allen Iverson Cuts His Braids/Corn Rows

This must just be the year of change, because first it was Carmelo Anthony cutting his corn rows, and now Allen Iverson came out with the ultimate shocker at All-Star weekend — he cut his trademark braids. I almost saw this coming a year ago when Iverson played in Philly as a Denver Nugget for the first time and talked about how much he had matured. I totally bought it. He’s grown up, he’s older, he has kids, he’s no longer a bad boy. And he even cut his hair to prove it. I’m not saying that having braids makes you a delinquent, but clearly Iverson’s actions show that he wanted to change his image (or a new hairstyle). The reaction from Iverson’s fellow All-Stars in Phoenix was pretty humorous as you might expect — they certainly chided him for it:

Now if only A.I. could go back to the way he balled 10 years ago then he’d be OK. If his basketball skills haven’t already shown you that he’s changed, then the haircut certainly has. There won’t be too many teams pounding on his door when he becomes a free agent this offseason, and that’s putting aside the summer of 2010. Iverson with braids since ’93? My goodness that’s a long time.

(via Ballhype)

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