LeBron James Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend Savannah Brinson

A day after turning 27 years old, LeBron James threw a birthday party where he also proposed to longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson. As soon as Savannah said yes, the congratulations started coming in.

“Happy for my brother @KingJames and sis @SavannahRB on their engagement!!! Extremely happy for them and the good times to come,” Clippers point guard Chris Paul tweeted.

Heat team owner Micky Arison added his congratulations, tweeting “Congrats to Lebron. @KingJames and Savannah so happy 4 u guys.”

Even Carmelo Anthony’s wife, LaLa Vasquez, chimed in via Twitter: “CONGRATS are in order!! 2012 has already come in w/a BANG!! Congrats to @KingJames and @SavannahRB on their engagement!! We love u guys!!”

James and Brinson have been dating since high school. The couple has two boys together — LeBron Jr., who is seven, and Bryce, who is four.

Please spare all the jokes about this being the only way for James to get a ring — we already heard all of them when Tony Romo got married.

The party itself looked like a lot of fun. Devine Delicacies made his birthday cake in half a day and it looked spectacular:

Devine Delicacies describes the cake as one “fit for a King [with] vanilla rum, edible 18k lion, and Swarovski Crystals.” It’s not as elaborate as his cake last year, but it still looks pretty sweet.

It was definitely quite the birthday for LeBron, and maybe a sign that everything is coming together in his life. He’s also the second member of Miami’s big three to make a marital commitment in the past year.

Photo Credit: Angela Yee, Devine Delicacies
H/T Black Sports Online

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  • Lew Patton

    Let’s hope LeBron gets the prenup…we all know how he folds under pressure.

  • Anonymous

    I love the comment from Lew.  I hope he can stay married under all the scrutiny and tabloids that athletes go through as well.  It has to be difficult though with so many women trying to get his attention to stay with one woman.   InstantJobFair.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harry-Jones/1498027174 Harry Jones

    Over/Under 18 months before Divorce

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell cares, either way?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They have a 7-yr. old son and LeBron is just now PROPOSING???  What an ego maniac.  Why would any self-respecting woman let a man treat her like that?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3V6HMMNHJH7JGJSI2BZJ262YMQ Tom

    Hate to say it but props to LeBron. Linked at my site http://www.thepowerwire.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lanskee-Shuru/100003208341893 Lanskee Shuru

    Was hoping NBA was gonn’ to be:

    A-t this time and never again. 

    Hopes dashed to pieces.

  • Anonymous

    This overaged is king(little-k)of what?king of the power-throw,slam-dunk(only shot he knows)If this wannabe is 27yrs ,Barkly is 30yrs old.When they put him and Tiger together,he looked like Tigers uncle.He (La Queen Jane was at least 24 when he came out of highschool,so that makes him at least 31.

  • Anonymous

    Just a little side note/La Queen Jane,Wade and Snoopy Dog(Bosh)wiil never win an NBA title.The Thunder and Durant(2010 should have been MVP) but they have it to La Queen Jane,will win an NBA title first,because the Silent One(Durant)is”nt a wannabe show-off like La Queen Jane.

  • Anonymous

     I am so happy that Lebron is now engaged with his own girl friend.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V6NHWI3K2U23OMFIVBMMGGZJ5U lorenzo

    The minds of most people are set on hate hate hate. What pressures are you under, or because of it you gave up, even being driven to strong drink and drugs. until you do what he did through all the bad, people people people. he did the thing that was best for him, not the people with hate hate hate.