LeBron James rolls his ankle by stepping on a woman’s sandal (Video)

During the Lakers 93-83 win over the Heat on Sunday, an elderly woman who was sitting courtside had somewhat of a Larry David moment. She didn’t accidentally trip a player like L.D. tripped Shaq, but she did unintentionally cause an injury to a star player. With roughly a minute left to play in the game and Miami trailing, LeBron James tried to intercept a Lakers inbound pass and went tumbling into the front row. As you can see in the video above, he stepped on the older woman’s sandal and rolled his ankle.

LeBron came up wincing in pain but was able to remain in the game. The woman was also able to remain in her courtside seat, although she did appear like she thought she had just seen a ghost after it all went down. Fortunately, LeBron was spotted walking into the locker room with a medicine bag earlier in the afternoon. Yeah, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and call it a medicine bag.

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  • Anonymous

    That lady is a season ticket holder and I see her on my TV attending every game.  In fact, I look for her in every game and I have wondered who she is.  She is obviously not only a great Laker fan but someone who can afford front row seating.  That, to me, makes her a very special person.  She riminds me a little bit of Jamie Lee Curtis.