Ron Artest: Brandon Roy Best SG in NBA

This off-day interview by TNT’s Craig Sager with Rockets forward Ron Artest was causing a nice little buzz in the TNT studios after the Nuggets/Hornets game. You Been Blinded summarizes the Ron Artest interview best: “In less than 80 seconds Ron says he’ll take Brandon Roy over Kobe and LeBron, calls out Roy’s defense, disses Charles Barkley, and claims Michael Jordan wanted to face him in his prime.” Yeah, that pretty much covers the entire interview. Turn the volume up and see whether or not you believe what you hear:

Yes, this is Ron Artest we’re talking about, so you can’t exactly put too much stock into anything the guy says. In case you couldn’t listen, here’s what he said “Roy’s probably the best player I’ve played against. He’s the best shooting guard. Defense, not on defense now … but he’s the best player I’ve played against.” And when Sager mentioned Kobe and LeBron’s names, Artest didn’t waver. That’s some pretty strong praise. For anyone who’s been watching the series, it’s easy to see where that praise is coming from — Roy’s played quite well and has been pretty responsible for their wins in the series.

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  • Anders(on) Varejao

    Remember that game this year when Ron started jawing at Kobe, and Kobe started talking back all the while putting the dagger in the Rockets? Congratulations Ron, you just riled you Kobe before you even got to the 2nd round.

    Kobe is always at his best against Ron Artest, and Ron Artest is always at his worst against Kobe.

    Bring on the Rockets!!!!

  • Gene

    Sager isn’t the brightest bulb in the lamp, either. Last time I watched the Cavaliers, LeBron wasn’t a shooting guard.

    Ron Artest is in a dream world on another planet. Roy is playing great and is a coming superstar but Kobe is there now.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Lakers have owned the Rockets this year — the series shouldn’t be close and Ron’s an idiot for stirring things up … again. I think Sager mentioned LeBron because Artest has guarded him at times this year.



    I thought after the video, your paragraph would have commented about Artest saying Roy is the best, barley beating out a 15 year old that went to prison two years ago…

  • Gene

    Artest also mentioned that, after Roy, the toughest guy he guarded was from his old Queensbridge ‘hood and that the guy just got out of jail. That puts LeBron and Kobe behind someone other than Roy. Artest has quite an imagination to go with his vaunted temper.