Shocker Alert: Miami Heat Intro is Over the Top and Obnoxious (Video)

Would we expect anything less from a group who took part in a Three Kings into party almost immediately upon signing with their new team?  Although it could be the least surprised I’ve been since Christmas morning in 1996, I just want to call your attention to the fact that the new Miami Heat intro is completely obnoxious.  Naturally, the new South Beach crew couldn’t settle for an adrenaline-boosting song and a tunnel of high fives.  They went with the pitch black, individual spotlight on every player approach.  Oh yeah, and Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” was blasting in the background the whole time.  I think they’re the first team to use that track.  I could be wrong.  Have a look at the Miami Heat home opener intro video:

In other news, a shipment of about 250 towels was sent over to the ESPN headquarters in Bristol after the debut of the intro.  The order form said they were for “general clean up” or something like that.  I’m not sure what that’s all about.

Video Credit: YouTube user ssschaef1127

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  • Anonymous

    A few facts for you:
    1. The HEAT used that Phil Collins song for the player intro in the ’05-’06 season.
    2. The HEAT has always done something special for player intros for opening night.
    3. The HEAT has always created a well produced, video montage of current players that is run at the beginning of every game after the starting lineup announcement.

    What you consider obnoxious is convenient commentary as items 2 and 3 have been done for years (good and bad HEAT teams). You’re just starting to pay attention now and your pre-determined criticism is easy to feed by positioning that all of this pomp and circumstance is ‘brand new’ just for these guys. Get some historical context before you start posturing.