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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Top 10 Dunks of All-Time

  1. Vince Carter jumps over an entire person in the game in the olympics 
  2. Dr. J, windmill, on the fastbreak
  3. MJ over Ewing, baseline, classic
  4. John Starks, baseline, over the MJ & the Bulls 
  5. KJ over Hakeem and Ewing 
  6. Scottie Pippen teabags Ewing
  7. Shawn Kemp has a flattop
  8. Tom Chambers plays leap frog / Dominique baseline clutch and reverse jam
  9. Darryl Dawkins shatters the glass / Shaq brings down the entire basket!
  10. Ricky Davis with authority

Why does every great dunk happen over Patrick Ewing?

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