Warriors Fans Are Hella Full of Crap

Being from California, I often associate with many Bay Area sports fans — they just kind of make their way to So. Cal, be it for work, school, or pleasure. In fact, I have several friends and acquaintances who are Bay Area sports fans. And I typically enjoy many a good laugh and conversation with said fans. But to tell you the truth, out of all the Nor Cal sports fans I know, only one of them is a Warriors fan. That’s right, I could name at least 10 Giants and Niners fans off the top of my head, even a few Sharks fans, and several Sacto Kings fans, but my frat bro Mike is the only Warriors fan I know of.

So what the heck is up with all the action at the Oracle Arena? What’s up with the frenzy, the excitement? The Warriors are a second thought. An afterthought. Matter of fact, the Warriors aren’t even thought of up North. Nobody in the Bay Area cares about them. All that matters are the Giants and Niners, or Raiders and A’s. Nobody there gives a rats ass about the Warriors.

So that’s why I can’t roll with what I see in Nor Cal. The reports were that a franchise record of 20,672 showed up hootin’ and hollerin’ in support of Golden State on Sunday night. To be honest, it seemed like 50,000 watching on TV — they were nuts! They looked like some of the best fans I had ever seen. EVER. For an NBA game at least.

Everyone was wearing Warriors colors, standing, yelling, getting freakin’ crunked. They were some crazy fans last night. But where did they all come from? Did they get the Golden State game confused with a Barry Bonds at-bat? Were they lost? I know, I know. Maybe they thought they were cheering the Niners acquisition of Darrell Jackson, that has to be it.

Oh no? They weren’t? Seriously? They were there for the Warriors game?

Huh. Coulda fooled me. Well, guess you better get your looks in now, cause I know you won’t be back next year.

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  • http://myspace.com/alanbsheparb gp john

    u are right in that no one is a warriors fan…except warriors fans. they are a hardy and self-sufficient bunch…kind of like feral cats. they have been selling out that place even thru the lean years…but mainstream love of the warriors is indeed rare in norcal

  • goldenstatefan

    Are you Sir Charles Barkley in disguise? I don’t know where you’ve been but there are a lot of us die hard Warriors fans up here in No-Cal baby.
    I started watching the Warriors when Larry Smith, Bernard King, Jerome Whitehead, Joe (Barely Cares) Barry Carrol…(I could go on) played I’ve seen the good times (Run TMC) and I’ve sat through these bleak years up until now. I’ve been laughed at for sporting W’s gear, and been the butt of many jokes as a fan. Now it is our time to gloat, to enjoy this ride however long it lasts!! My faith has never wavered, I’ve been frustrated, depressed, broken remote controls, screamed countless obscenities at the t.v, and I can honestly say that its been worth it. Nothing worth having comes easy, remember that!!
    As for you not seeing any W’s fans, you weren’t looking well enough..we’re right here on national t.v., in full HD……and there’s a lot of haters who don’t want us to succeed. If you weren’t riding with us through the tough times, the bandwagon is gonna run your ass over!!

  • sanjosepride

    are you kiding me, people in the bay area love the warriors. In recent times people just expect the warriors to do poorly due to their bad run for the last 12 years. Most people in that 17-21 year demographic root for the warriors, but have a hard time remembering when they were last great (Run TMC). If you’re from socal this barkley like rant makes some sort of sense…but please get your facts straight.

    oh and warriors games have had a high attend even during losing seasons…so the bandwagon claim is kinda bs.

  • http://www.goldenstateofmind.com olmanfeelyus

    The only bandwagon Warriors fans are LA losers like Penny Marshall, the kind of fair-weather fan that makes up most of the Laker fan base.

    You doublecross a Warriors fan and leave him to die? You know nothing about the Warriors fans.

    And I can tell the kind of loser “norcal” friends you have, the wannabes who left the real California to try and find success as a waiter in LA. You can keep them.


  • Mike W

    Um, at least the fans are there from start to finish, which is more than I can say for SoCal sports fans. Warriors fans are alive and well. It’s hard to cultivate new GSW fans north of Vallejo though because it’s “Kings Country” and the Maloofs have Warriors games blacked out. I’ve been through all of it; drafting Foyle, Fuller, Vince (and then trading him for Antawn), Gilbert leaving, Webber leaving, Sprewell losing his mind, trading Mitch Richmond for Billy Owens, Dunleavy, Diogu, all of it. Now we have a great core of young, talented, athletic players. We won’t be back next year? You know we’re up 3-1 on the team with the best regular season record, right? the #1 seed? Maybe you’ve been using too much hair gel, shaving your arms or spending too much time in a tanning bed. Spend some time in the bay and you’ll see how much love there is for the Warriors.

  • Fan #1 of 20,672


    Eat a D!ck, you’ll probably enjoy it more than eating your words after we continue to win and be in the playoffs again next season.

    Tell Mike I said what’s up and


  • One Dub

    Dang, this coming from a Southern California sports fan. You guys are so bad that both of your NFL teams left you. The bay has soooo much love for the Warriors, ask any former or current NBA player they’ll tell you. Also just because one out of 20 of your friends likes the Warriors doesn’t mean jack. They are probably bandwagoners who grew up when their teams were good. Us Warriors fans NEVER had a good team for 13 years, and we still sold out the arena during those times.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Hey, I’ll be right next to you criticizing some of the weakass faker fans in LA, I don’t disagree with you there. And obviously you guys form the solid group of hardcore Warrior fans to whom this post was not directed.

    Even the worst franchises in sports have their group of hardcore fans. But tell me it doesn’t bother you that all these people who weren’t there when you were 25 games under .500 in years past, and in game no. 40 of this season, are now all of a sudden showing up and claiming GSW hoops?

  • http://zachls.blogspot.com The Big Picture

    i’ve hopped on the bandwagon and i’ve been a bay area sports fan for 23 years.

    for my family, it’s just we didn’t like the NBA. still don’t. though the warriors — THIS warriors team — is pretty fun to watch.

    but while rooting for the warriors, i’m by no means a true warriors fan.

  • you

    you sir are a dipshit

  • WarriorsAllTheWay

    just cause the warriors dont get exposure, doesnt mean we dont have fans. we’ve been selling the place out for years. As a hardcore A’s fan, whos held season tickets for several year, i just wish A’s fans were as loyal as warriors fans. seriously, the warriors get better attendance than the A’s. anyways, there are no better fans than the Golden State Warrior fans.

  • Mike B

    Come on Larry, you’ve been around sports long enough to know that the “best fans in the NBA tag” is a long held and well deserved one for W fans. I mean its not like in 2002 when suddenly half of UCLA decided to desert your Dodgers and become “Los Angeles” Angels fans…Bay Area NBA fans have only one love, and it sure as hell ain’t the Kings.

  • http://www.nba.com Baron4Prez

    your friends must be awesome. of all of them your “frat bro/buddy/douchebag” is the only one who is a warriors fan. that gives him some credit. i can only imagine all the other quality dudes you hang out with.

  • Mike B

    Dear Baron4Prez,

    Yeah I am totally a douchebag “bra!” Its awesome, during my undergraduate career guys like Larry and I spent all of our time seeing who could crush the most beer cans on their head rather then go to school and study. You really hit the nail on the head man.

    It pains me to think that you are a fellow W fan with your petty and meaningless response which really does nothing to refute Larry’s ignorant & trolling post (sorry Larry but you are so off on this one it makes you look like you only follow SoCal sports.) You sir belong at Dodger stadium.

    Go Ws/Giants/Niners/Bruins!

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I dunno about that, I can’t remember any other Warrior fans besides yourself…where they all been hiding?

  • terry teagle

    What a joke. I love So-cal people making fun of Nor-cal fans. You want to talk about wild swings in fanbase populations? How about Angels fans? I knew approximately zero Angel fans before 2001 and about 500,000 in 2002. Not surprisingly, I know about 3 or 4 right now. LA fans are the very definition of bandwagon. Go dubs.

  • young tone

    The Warriors have a great fan base but I have to admit that ALOT of people hopped on that King’s bandwagon! I cant stand to see people wear our gear now, it really makes me sick. I been though 12 years on suffering and now other people who rooted for the Kings now root for the Warriors. That sucks honestly. Ima young fan who wasnt old enough to remember the last playoff appearance but I do member picking up B.J. Armstrong and being excited about that (jeez I was 6 at that time) and watched them faithfully ever since. But either way the arena rocked and as a true Warrior fan I will be there on thursday for game 6.

  • MAVSowners

    Man do you even know what you’re talkin about?? ill admit there are a lot of bandwagon fans out there.. whom of which use to wear sacramento kings jerseys during the warriors 17 /19/21 game seasons.. (Sacramento is NOT bay area by the way).. but i’ve been going to warriors games since before gilbert arenas was there and the crowd was always pretty decent.. MOST warrior fans are very knowledgable about their team and basketball itself.. it just never seemed like there were too many fans because the warriors were never really a big part of media coverage like the lakers

  • MAVSowners

    I think the worst fan bases we had is during the Bimbo Coles, Felton Spencer, Todd Fuller days ahaha.. it started to pick up though with Dean Oliver and Marc Jackson ahahah.. only because we drafted rookie J-Rich in 01

  • dubs fan

    such a fat c*ck, hater! We’ll be better than last year even :)