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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Upset with HBO 24/7

Life wouldn’t be normal if Floyd Mayweather Jr. didn’t have a complaint about something. The boxer’s latest issue is with HBO and the way the second episode of 24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz was edited. Mayweather made his feelings clear via Twitter.

“I was very unhappy with the second episode of 24/7,” he wrote on Twitter. “HBO needs a new editor. The network does not show the real entertainment. HBO needs to give the viewers what they deserve because 24/7 is a highly anticipated show and I don’t want to disappoint the viewers.”

I can understand where Floyd is coming from with that complaint. Compared to the first episode where Floyd and his father nearly threw down, this episode was fairly tame (read: lame). I could have done without the scene following Roger Mayweather to his anger management meeting, and overall the episode just lacked intrigue.

But Floyd’s complaints didn’t end with HBO. If they’re not going to do their job on 24/7 to create a controversy, then Floyd will do his part to create buzz. He turned his attention to Victor Ortiz and Oscar de la Hoya.

We are tired of Victor Ortiz story about his struggles. It’s boring now. Blacks go through life struggles all the time and always RISE,” Floyd wrote.

Oscar De la Hoya is trying to stay relevant by admitting to his vices and Victor said he look at that man like ‘GOD.’ De La Hoya is a drug user, dresses like a drag, committed adultery and drinks alcohol and Ortiz looks up to this guy.”

First off, Victor said he idolized Oscar as a child. Oscar is also his promoter. There is nothing wrong with Oscar being Victor’s role model as a boxer and businessman, but not for his personal problems, so Floyd twisted words. As far as his thoughts on Oscar, he’s spot on.

Overall, I shared Floyd’s thoughts on the episode and agree with him about Oscar. Just keep in mind that Mayweather’s purpose is to heighten the buzz for the fight. That’s why he’s stirring things up on Twitter.

Oh, and he might also be upset with a few of Victor’s choice quotes the past two episodes. For instance: “When I see and look into Floyd’s eyes, I see a kid that just thinks he’s god’s gift to earth.”

And then there was that whole selection crucifying Floyd for burning a $100 bill in the club.

“Burning $100 bills, that’s a slap to the face to anyone. Seeing something like that, that’s made of ignorance. Pure ignorance. It’s going to show what may take place in his life in the next few years, especially after I destroy him. If you’re really that careless about money like that, then who knows where the rest of your life is going to take you.”

Maybe those couple remarks had Floyd a bit salty. I’m sure that would get to anyone.

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