Power, Dome Size of Timothy Bradley Too Much for Devon Alexander

The light welterweight 140-pound unification fight between Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander Saturday evening in Pontiac, Michigan was supposed to be one of the showcase fights of the year. Instead, it wound up being as boring as the extremely disappointing ending.

Bradley was a winner by technical decision after the fight was stopped in the 10th round because Alexander could no longer continue. He had been hit by accidental headbutts from Bradley twice, and the second one next to his left eye that occurred in the 10th round led to the stoppage. Bradley was leading on all three cards when the fight was stopped and he was declared the winner, improving to 27-0.

Alexander complained after the fight that Bradley kept moving in with his head and disrupting him, but then said he didn’t want to make any excuses. That was an excuse, but the reality is Alexander didn’t have a chance in the fight. He only seemed to land a combination on Bradley once, and that was in the fourth round. Even though Devon threw a healthy amount of punches, many hit air or gloves and didn’t land. He didn’t do much damage and though he appeared to be the aggressor, he was simply ineffective.

Bradley meanwhile was significantly stronger and had much more power behind his punches. The one judge who had the fight 96-95 Bradley at the time of the stoppage must have only seen the punches and not whether they landed, because Alexander appeared to be overmatched. He actually remind me a lot of Paul Williams; a skinny southpaw who can move and throw but is lacking in the power department.

HBO has the rights to a rematch but they would be wise to avoid one after how disappointing this fight was. There’s no way anyone would want to sit through another 12 rounds of that garbage, and it’s not making HBO look any better especially now that they’ve lost Pacquiao.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZADJPGZN52YERCVTKSX6BR4VCY Lhin

    Alexander keeps on running. He is afraid of Timmy’s head from round two I think. Unfortunately for him Bradley knew the technique. A three combination. Hug,headbutt then punch…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3LZOAMWXFKLR42DSF5JOSYROTE Ricky

    hohoho . . . everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon . . . they taken the bait that devon gave but in truth . . . it is devon’s stance and style of attack that initiated the headbutt all through the fight . . . go through the fight again (if you dare another boring hour) . . . to me it was devon who is always initiating the head butts by charging with his head up front . . . c’mon review the fight . . . devon is liked by the majority that’s why we follow and raised high his objection like a banner

  • Anonymous

    @ BERNARD HOPKINS…is this the kind of SLICK STYLE FIGHTERS that you are so proud of??? from the inner city of all criminal retarded un educated jobless criminal who cannot understand the ethicks of a good way of life??? once again..the whole bunch of blackie dogie afro-americans community proudly eats thier trash talked simply because the africans are the greatest slow thinker of this planet earth…no wonder that with out the PAC of POWER …there is no BOXING…he is the only reason in this world who can still carry the worlds tourch of boxing!!! the most explosiveness,the most entertain fighter to watch and most of all the true GREATEST FIGHTER OF ALL TIME!!! the only 8TH WONDERS OF THE WORLD…