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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says Matt Kenseth Owes Him $2,500 From Facial Hair Bet

If Matt Kenseth is a man of his word, he had better get Dale Earnhardt Jr. the $2,500 he owes him sometime in the near future.  The two drivers recently agreed upon one of the manliest man bets you can think of.  According to the L.A. Times, Kenseth showed up to Earnhardt Jr.’s 70s-themed New Year’s Eve party rocking a beard.  Apparently Dale Jr. saw the beard and had to bet Kenseth $2,500 that he wouldn’t keep it until the Daytona 500 test sessions.  The first of those test laps took place on Thursday.

“We actually sent a few texts back and forth to confirm the bet, and he shaved his beard,” Earnhardt said. “I told him to go to the bank, but maybe he forgot. I want my $2,500.”

Kenseth downplayed the bet, saying he would have kept the beard if not for all the photo shoots and interviews he was told he had to do this week.  Well isn’t he just a celebrity?

“(I was told) you’ve got to do a photo here and you’ve got to do this interview and do a photo shoot there,” Kenseth explained. “So I guess I lost. I’ll try to scrounge (the money) up somewhere, I guess.”

The bottom line is Dale Jr. is still rocking a burly man beard, so if there was a gentleman’s wager Kenseth needs to square up.  If there are two things men don’t screw around with, they are gambling and facial hair.

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