Herschel Walker: I could still play in NFL at age 52

herschel-walker1Former NFL running back Herschel Walker believes that he could be current NFL running back Herschel Walker if he really wanted to. Walker, who is now 52, made two Pro Bowls during his NFL career. He has remained in tremendous shape with mixed martial arts training and was even interested in wrestling at one point, but a 52-year-old in the NFL? Come on.

Earlier this week, Walker told USA Today Sports that he could still get it done if given the chance.

“I can play in the NFL today,” he said. “I couldn’t take every snap. But running backs nowadays don’t play every down. Now they send in the choir section. Physically, I can still do it.”

Walker said he is not actually planning a comeback, though he was supposedly eyeing a return a little over three years ago when he was 48. His point seemed to be that NFL running backs today split carries so much that the physical toll on their bodies isn’t nearly as severe. He’s right in a way, but the average career of a running back is still incredibly short.

As Jarrett Bell of USA Today Sports noted, Walker is a guy whose training regimen once included 1,500 push-ups and 3,500 sit-ups per day. He was quick to point out that he remains undefeated in his MMA career, though his last fight was in 2011.

“Hey, I’m 2-0,” Walker said.

We admire Walker’s confidence and his desire to bring some media attention to himself, but an athlete over the age of 50 simply wouldn’t last in the NFL. It just doesn’t make sense physically.

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Vince Young has job waiting at Texas if football career doesn’t work out

Vince YoungThe longer Vince Young goes without a job in the NFL, the more likely it is that his professional football career is over. It looked like Young had earned the Green Bay Packers’ backup quarterback job last summer before the team unexpectedly released him. He later said during the season that he was stunned no team had shown interest. The 30-year-old may not be unemployed for long.

No, we don’t have inside information about NFL teams being interested in Young. On Wednesday, the former Texas star said his alma mater has a job waiting for him.

“If football doesn’t work out for me, the university has a great job for me,” Young said Wednesday at a luncheon featuring Charlie Strong.

Young, a two-time Rose Bowl MVP, said he would serve as an ambassador of sorts.

“Just letting you know what (UT) has going on, especially helping kids get scholarships and recognizing things like that,” he said, via Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle. “Whatever it is, I just want to support the university.”

As for his own career, young has been working out in San Diego and claims he has received some interest from NFL teams. He is not ready to tie a bow on his disappointing NFL career just yet.

“You never know,” he said. “All I can do is my part and stay ready. You never know when you are going to get a call. There is some interest.”

Young has not played in a regular season NFL game since 2011. He filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and was said to have blown through about $60 million in career earnings as of a couple of years ago. Accepting a job at Texas may be his best bet at this point.

Russell Wilson files for divorce from wife Ashton

Russell Wilson wife Ashton

Russell Wilson came into the NFL as a rookie who was mature beyond his years. He had already played pro baseball, he had been in college for four years, and he was already married. But it sounds like his marriage isn’t working out, unfortunately.

The Seattle Seahawks released a statement Wednesday saying Wilson filed for a divorce from wife Ashton, whom he married in January 2012.

“I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Clearly, decisions like these don’t come easy. Ashton and I respectfully ask for prayers, understanding and privacy during this difficult time.”

Ashton went viral on the internet during the 2012 draft for her classic facial reaction after her husband was drafted:

Ashton Wilson draft

The two met in high school and were together during college. Ashton had this to say last year when describing their marriage:

“Honestly, we just try to keep our home life as normal as possible,” Wilson said to KIRO Radio’s Tom and Curley Show. “We just try and keep it real, realize what my husband does is a job, it can change at any minute, and what really matters is we don’t change no matter what changes around our environment.”

Ashton went to NC State with Russell and graduated from the school. Russell proposed to her on Aug. 1 2010.

The timing of the announcement has led to many questions for people. Wilson is still on his rookie deal and making a fraction of what Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks earn. Some believe he is divorcing before signing his big contract extension so that he doesn’t have to split the money with her.

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Arizona Cardinals remember Pat Tillman on 10th anniversary of his death

pat-tillmanFrom 1998-2001, Pat Tillman was a defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals after being selected in the seventh round of the 1998 NFL Draft.

In 2002, he joined the U.S. Army, putting to the side a career many aren’t fortunate to experience in order to serve his country.

On April 22, 2004, Tillman was killed in the line of duty while serving in Afghanistan.

Ten years later, we remember Pat Tillman’s life, legacy, and selflessness. He did what few in his situation would probably do. In his prime, Tillman walked away from millions of dollars to put his life on the line for our country. Unfortunately, that life came to an end entirely too soon.

The Arizona Cardinals retired Tillman’s uniform No. 40. On Tuesday, that number could be found on the side of University of Phoenix Stadium, along with a reminder that Pat Tillman will never be forgotten.

Doug Marrone had cancerous mole removed

Doug Marrone BillsNot long after a deleted story on the Buffalo Bills’ website had everyone concerned that Doug Marrone had cancer, the coach shared a statement explaining his medical situation.

According to WKBW sports director Jeff Russo, Marrone had a cancerous mole found on his skin during a recent visit to the doctor.

“The recent extraction procedure will have no effect on my ability to coach the team moving forward,” Marrone said in a statement, according to Russo.

Marrone just needs to have his skin checked every three months.

[Earlier: Does Doug Marrone have cancer? Bills website deletes story]

I’m sure this comes as a huge relief to everyone who was rightfully concerned about Marrone’s health. The images of Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano battling leukemia during the 2012 NFL season is fresh on many of our minds, and the last thing we wanted to see was another coach dealing with something similar.

Does Doug Marrone have cancer? Bills website deletes story

Doug Marrone cancer story

Does Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone have cancer? That’s what many are left wondering after the Bills’ website posted a story making the announcement before deleting it.

The Bills’ website posted the headline and what appeared to be the shell for an upcoming story announcing that Marrone has cancer.

“Head Coach Doug Marrone announced today that he was diagnosed with BLANK TYPE OF CANCER and that it is highly treatable,” said the first line of the story.

“Head Coach Doug Marrone shared the news today that he’s been diagnosed with BLANK cancer. He says it’s ‘not aggrive’ and highly treatable,” the story also read.

You could tell the story wasn’t ready to be published yet because they also included this line:


The story appeared on the stream on the Bills’ website:

It also made the app:

The Buffalo News says the story was on the site for 9 hours before being pulled by the Bills with no explanation.

So there’s no mistake about it, this is how it looked on the site:

Unless this is some sort of hoax, it looks like a story was mistakenly published by the site. We hope Marrone is fine and will hope for the best for him.

UPDATE – WKBW sports director Jeff Russo reports that Marrone had a cancerous mole found on his skin that was removed.

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Marqise Lee was a Queen Street Bloods gang member when he was 10

Marqise Lee USCMarqise Lee is one of the top wide receiver prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft, and it’s pretty incredible that he’s made it this far when you consider his background.

Lee caught 29 touchdown passes over three seasons at USC, including a sophomore season where he caught 118 passes for 1,721 yards. The speedy receiver grew up in Inglewood, Calif., and his mother lost custody of him and his siblings when he was five. From there, he moved around different foster homes and even lived in a motel. Without much direction or guidance, he ended up joining a gang at a young age.

“My brothers went down the wrong road as far as gang banging and everything. I followed them for a couple of footsteps but then I had to change,” Lee recalled in a video feature for ESPN’s “Draft Academy.”

According to the “Draft Academy” special on Lee, the former USC receiver joined the Queen Street Bloods gang — based out of the west part of Inglewood — when he was 10. One of his older brothers was actually killed, while the other ended up in jail.

In a story on Grantland, Lee even shared that he had to fight a high school-aged member to get in the gang and he won the fight despite being an elementary school kid. But his brothers prevented him from partaking in most of the gangbanging and he moved away before long, which pretty much ended his gang life.

Lee eventually begged his way into Serra High School in Gardena, Calif., and eventually moved into a home with one of his friends.

So far, Lee has made it. He definitely came a long way and overcame a lot and figured out the proper path to success.

“It’s surreal to me because I never had a dream of going to the NFL. I never watched it. I didn’t even watch football because I never thought I was going to actually make it. And that’s where I’m at now — training for the combine,” Lee told Draft Academy.