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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Bill Belichick defends Spygate: We did what other teams were doing

Bill Belichick called a press conference on Saturday to explain that he is confident the New England Patriots did nothing wrong with regard to inflating or under-inflating footballs in the AFC Championship Game. Toward the end of his chat with reporters, it became clear that he was defending more than just some silly Deflategate scandal….Read More

Bill Belichick goes ‘My Cousin Vinny’ in Deflategate presser (Video)

If you guessed that Bill Belichick would make a “My Cousin Vinny” reference at some point while discussing Deflategate, step forward and collect your prize. During his surprise press conference on Saturday, Belichick turned into a science professor and went into detail about air pressure, atmospheric pressure and controlled environments. While it seemed like he…Read More

Bill Belichick on Deflategate: Patriots followed every rule ‘100 percent’

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick held a surprise press conference on Saturday to discuss Deflategate. Hidden beneath Professor Belichick’s scientific discussion of air pressure and atmospheric conditions was a very simply message — the Patriots are confident the NFL has nothing on them. Belichick, who said the Patriots have spent a lot of…Read More

What if the Patriots inflated their footballs in a sauna?

While one report indicated that the NFL has concluded that the footballs the New England Patriots used in the AFC Championship Game were deflated by humans rather than weather conditions, the league stopped short of saying that in its official statement on Friday. Why? The evidence likely is not there yet, and it may never…Read More

Johnny Manziel showed ‘lack of commitment and preparation’ all season

Johnny Manziel’s work ethic and behavior throughout his rookie season has been called into question, and now even more details are being released about the quarterback’s lack of preparation during 2014. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler and Pat McManamon teamed up on a lengthy piece on Manziel where they obtained information through interviews with multiple sources. The…Read More

Patriots would have had 10 minutes to deflate footballs before kickoff?

As we learn more about Deflategate, it has become clear that the New England Patriots would have to have an extremely polished system in place to intentionally deflate footballs after an NFL official has approved them for play. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe has spoken to a source with direct knowledge of the Deflategate…Read More

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