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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Doug Marrone helped stranded motorist during Buffalo snowstorm

In case you haven’t heard, the Buffalo area is getting a ton of snow this week. We’re talking so much snow it might make you wonder if the world is coming to an end. Like, five feet of snow. According to Lou Michel of The Buffalo News, Bills head coach Doug Marrone made an unexpected…Read More

Cam Newton had Twitter hacked because his password was ‘Camnewton1′

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton fell victim to Twitter hackers on Tuesday. And this wasn’t one of those instances where an athlete tweets something stupid and then pretends he was hacked. Do you really think Newton is dumb enough to tweet stuff like this? @CameronNewton would NEVER! pic.twitter.com/96DTN83MXn — JohnMiguel Lopez (@JohnnybGood702) November 18, 2014…Read More

Marshawn Lynch drove to person’s house to return lost wallet

Marshawn Lynch has been in the news recently for avoiding members of the media and possibly making a statement by not going into the locker time during halftime last Sunday, but the Seattle Seahawks running back earned himself some positive PR by being a good samaritan on Tuesday. A Seahawks fan named Jason Lynch (no…Read More

Bill Belichick rarely chews players out?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made one of the most boneheaded throws of his career near the end of the second half on Sunday night, and he is lucky it didn’t end up costing his team a win. Brady’s interception, which came on 3rd and 1 from his own 18-yard line, allowed the Indianapolis…Read More

Eagles LB Brandon Graham ‘pissed off’ by Aaron Rodgers

The Philadelphia Eagles did not at all enjoy the feeling of being embarrassed on Sunday Night Football while the Green Bay Packers were out there laughing it up and enjoying themselves throughout the blowout. In fact, linebacker Brandon Graham was particularly peeved at Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers’ smiles and smirks during his 341-yard, 3-touchdown performance were…Read More

Jordin Sparks is a big Le’Veon Bell fan

Famed singer Jordin Sparks was pretty impressed with the performance by Le’Veon Bell on Monday Night Football, and she even shared her thoughts on Twitter. Sparks, who won the sixth season of American Idol and is the daughter of former NFL cornerback Phillippi Sparks, is a big NFL fan. During Monday night’s game, she tweeted…Read More

Mike Mitchell given Twitter suspension by Steelers

Mike Mitchell keeps finding himself on the receiving end of rebukes from the Pittsburgh Steelers. A week ago Mike Tomlin decried Mitchell’s actions after the safety jumped the victory formation in a loss to the Jets. This week Mitchell reportedly was told by the team to take a break from social media after he sent…Read More

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