Brian Hoyer admits he was ‘mad’ when told Johnny Manziel was going to play

Johnny Manziel Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer kept a tight grip on the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback job on Sunday when he led his team to an upset win over the New Orleans Saints. From the sound of it, Hoyer may have been even more motivated by Johnny Manziel seeing his first regular season action.

Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan decided earlier this week that he was going to use Manziel at some point on Sunday. When informed of that, Hoyer was not happy.

“As mad as I was when he told me, I think it mentally helped me prepare for it,” Hoyer said, per Mary Kay Cabot of The Cleveland Plain Dealer. As much as it might irk me to go off the field, if it’s going to help us win, then I’m all for it. I think as a competitor and as a quarterback, when there’s only one of you on the field, it’s hard for you to get taken off. But I think for me, I was mentally able to stay in it.

“I think a lot of guys might not be able to handle that, and I think because they were up front with me, Kyle was up front with me, and said, ‘Look, we may do it. We may not. If we need to use it, we might.’ I think that helped me.”

Manziel came on for three plays — two handoffs that netted zero yards and an incomplete pass. Hoyer, on the other hand, completed 24 of 40 passes for 204 yards, a touchdown and no interceptions. He seemed even more motivated after Manziel’s second appearance, as he went on to complete 15 of 19 passes for 136 yards and orchestrate two scoring drives after that point.

Hoyer’s game-winning, 14-play drive was a thing of beauty. He took the Browns 85 yards and helped put them in position for a chip-shot field goal. Maybe Shanahan needs to make him angry more often.

Keenan Allen: Richard Sherman is not a shutdown corner

Richard-Sherman-interviewThe San Diego Chargers got the best of the defending Super Bowl champions on Sunday, and part of the reason for that was their willingness to throw toward Richard Sherman. Rather than ignoring Sherman’s side of the field completely like the Green Bay Packers did, the Chargers stuck to their game plan and came out on top. And Keenan Allen was apparently not impressed with Sherman’s skills.

After the game, Sherman would not speak with the media but did send a tweet addressing the Chargers players who said he was “exposed.” Allen, who caught five passes for 55 yards, downplayed Sherman’s ability.

“He’s just a normal guy,” Allen said, via ESPN.com’s Terry Blount. “We can go at him. We took some shots at him. We are not going to shy away from him. He’s not really a shutdown corner. We definitely wanted to come out and show we could go any way we wanted to and that we were in control of the game.”

There was one play in particular where Allen beat Sherman on a nice double move (you can watch it here), but Sherman allowed only three catches. Most people wouldn’t call that getting “exposed.” Allen is the Chargers’ No. 1 receiver and was dominant as a rookie last season, so you could even argue that Sherman did his job. Malcolm Floyd didn’t see it that way.

“Keenan was lighting up Sherman,” Floyd said.

I definitely wouldn’t call that type of production “lighting up” anyone, but I will say that Sherman ignoring the media after the game was not a good look. No one loves to talk more when they’re successful than Sherman. If you’re going to talk that much when you win, you shouldn’t run and hide after a loss.

Charles Tillman crying on sidelines after triceps injury

Charles Tillman crying

Charles Tillman left Sunday’s Chicago Bears-San Francisco 49ers game after suffering a triceps injury in the third quarter, and it didn’t take much to see how seriously hurt he was.

NBC put a camera on Peanut and showed the veteran cornerback with tears streaming down his left cheek.

Tillman, 33, missed half the season last year with a torn right triceps injury. He’s been one of the best corners in the league for a long time and has more forced fumbles than anyone since entering the league in 2003.

Tillman is a heck of a player and only signed for $2.25 million this season. We hope this isn’t the end of him.

Brandon Marshall makes ridiculous one-handed touchdown catch (Video)

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brandon-marshall-one-hand-catchLeading up to Sunday night’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears, there was some doubt as to whether Jay Cutler would have his top two targets available. To the delight of Cutler (and Bears fans) Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery received the green light and were active after battling ailments during the week.

Chicago’s offense was dormant for the majority of the first half, but just before it ended Brandon Marshall made a ridiculous one-handed catch that brought out superlatives from everyone who saw it. And every one of them are justified.

There aren’t many receivers in the NFL capable of making a play like that. Brandon Marshall is certainly among them.

Richard Sherman ‘exposed’ by Chargers offense

Richard Sherman was “exposed” by the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, multiple Chargers believe.

Richard Sherman U MadThe Chargers beat the Seattle Seahawks 30-21 and threw for 284 yards and three touchdowns. Unlike Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, who did not throw at Sherman once in a Week 1 loss at Seattle, the Chargers were not afraid to throw at Sherman.

From what we understand, San Diego completed three passes on Sherman, though that stat is unconfirmed. They did enough to “expose” him they felt (take a look at the video at the top to see him exposed in man coverage on one play).

Check out this tweet from UT San Diego’s Michael Gehlken:

Does that mean Sherman’s just a front-runner? The guy loves the camera after he does well and then he doesn’t speak with the media when his team loses? What’s that about?

If all he did was allow three catches, I would hardly call that “exposed.” But not speaking to the media seems like a wimp move.

Sherman did tweet his response:

Remember, Richie, if you talk a huge game like you do, that means people are going to be clamoring for you to fail. You are drawing so much attention to yourself that you have to be perfect otherwise every one of your flaws will be called out.

Marty Mornhinweg calls timeout, wipes out touchdown

Marty Mornhinweg timeout

Marty Mornhinweg, known for once electing to kick in a sudden-death overtime situation, was at it again on Sunday with an epic mistake.

The New York Jets were down 31-24 and had a 4th-and-4 from the Packers’ 36. Mornhinweg, the Jets’ offensive coordinator, didn’t like what he saw and came running down the sidelines yelling for a timeout.

The referees blew the whistle before the play started, but the players still seemed to play it out. Geno Smith threw a touchdown pass but it was wiped out by the timeout.

Only head coaches are supposed to be able to call timeouts, but the referee must have thought it was Rex Ryan calling for one and granted it (Ryan said after the game that he wasn’t the one who called it).

After the timeout was called, the Jets converted the fourth down but turned it over on downs after that and failed to produce any points. They lost 31-24. The touchdown likely would have tied the game.

About the only positive thing we can say for Mornhinweg is that some of the players may not have been going hard on the 4th-down play because they heard the whistles, meaning that we don’t know what would have happened had everyone been at full effort. Still, it’s so much more fun to blame Mornhinweg for the loss.

UPDATE: Jets DL Sheldon Richardson says he’s the one who told the referee to call timeout because he saw Mornhinweg was gesturing for one.

Peyton Manning yells at Julius Thomas for running wrong route (Video)

Peyton Manning doesn’t get mad too often, but he was livid at Julius Thomas at the end of the third quarter on Sunday.

Manning ripped Thomas a new one for running the wrong route on a third down play. The Broncos had a 3rd and 5 at the Kansas City 45 and lined both Thomas and Demaryius Thomas on the left. Demaryius was in the slot while Julius was split out wide to the left by the sideline. The Chiefs had three defenders in a triangle position (one corner on each player and a safety further back and playing in between).

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Julius was supposed to break to the outside and up the sideline in order to attract two defenders and clear the area for Demaryius, who would have had a one-on-one situation. Instead, Julius went inside for a rub route, leaving the area crowded for Demaryius, who caught a pass underneath but only managed one yard.

The Broncos ended up punting, and the Chiefs scored on the ensuing drive to make it a one-possession game. And that’s why Peyton was so upset.

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Peyton Manning Julius Thomas

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