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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Could the NFL be covering for its officials with Deflategate?

Does anyone really trust the NFL? Before I get accused of being a New England Patriots homer, let’s make one thing clear — I’m not saying the Pats are innocent. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Tom Brady and/or other members of the team instructed a ball boy to take air…Read More

Report: NFL concludes Patriots’ footballs altered by humans, not weather

The NFL has conclusive evidence that the under-inflated footballs used by the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game were altered by people, eliminating some of the theories presented by those giving the Pats the benefit of the doubt, according to a report. Monday Morning Quarterback’s Peter King reports that all 12 of the…Read More

Patriots used Colts’ footballs in first half

The New England Patriots apparently used properly inflated footballs for more than just the second half of the AFC Championship Game. Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, who is said to have made the interception that sparked suspicions that the Patriots were using under-inflated balls, told NFL Media’s Jeff Darlington on Thursday that he noticed New…Read More

Tom Brady on Deflategate: ‘This isn’t ISIS, no one’s dying’

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made an ISIS reference on Thursday when answering questions about the Deflategate scandal. Brady, who has been criticized for not coming across as all that convincing while he denied knowing anything about footballs losing air pressure, was asked if he has received support from friends and family while his…Read More

Jeremy Lane: Rob Gronkowski is not that good

If the New England Patriots are looking for things to take their minds off of the Deflategate disaster, perhaps the comments Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane made on Thursday will help. Simply put, Lane does not believe the hype that surrounds Rob Gronkowski. “I actually don’t think he’s that good. He’s OK,” Lane told reporters,…Read More

Mark Brunell gets emotional, does not believe Tom Brady (Video)

Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Mark Brunell did not believe what Tom Brady had to say about Deflategate on Thursday. In fact, Brunell was so unconvinced that he appeared on the verge of tears while discussing the remarks shortly after Brady’s press conference ended. “I just didn’t believe what Tom Brady had to…Read More

Tom Brady: NFL has not spoken to me about Deflategate

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Thursday afternoon addressed the Deflategate incident, and he denied having any knowledge of how his team’s game balls allegedly became deflated after they were checked by NFL officials. Brady began his press conference by telling reporters he “didn’t alter the ball in any way.” He maintained that stance…Read More

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