Claude Giroux needs surgery after injuring finger playing golf

Claude-Giroux-FlyersHockey players are some of the toughest dudes on the planet, which is why they rarely ever make our ever-growing list of weird injuries that we have featured on LBS over the years. However, Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux recently had a golf course mishap that we like to hope is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Giroux was golfing in Ottawa on Thursday when he broke a club during a swing. He suffered a bad cut and some tendon damage.

“It was just a freak thing,” Giroux told the Philadelphia Daily News. “I was taking a swing and my club hit a little behind the ball. The shaft of the club shattered, but my hand kept going on the swing and the shattered part went right into my finger.”

Giroux also told the paper that there was “blood everywhere” after it happened. There were no broken bones, but Flyers GM Paul Holmgren said Giroux will require surgery because of the tendon damage and is expected to miss 5-6 weeks. Fortunately, that should give the 25-year-old plenty of time to recover before the season begins.

We have seen football players suffer bad injuries while playing basketball and MLB pitchers go down while playing with their kids, but the golf course has always seemed like a safe escape. Apparently that is not always the case.

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Cowboys safety Barry Church missed practice due to Jolly Rancher injury

Jolly-RanchersDallas Cowboys safety Barry Church missed most of last season after tearing his Achilles tendon. He has fought hard to get back on the field in 2013, but that doesn’t mean a certain hard candy hasn’t tried to stand in his way.

Church has been done in by a Jolly Rancher — a cherry one to be exact. The 25-year-old missed practice on Monday when he woke up with severe pain in his tooth. A few weeks prior, he had chipped a tooth while eating a Jolly Rancher but thought it was no big deal. He was wrong, as he wound up needing a root canal.

“The pain was crazy,” Church said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I was numbed up yesterday because of the dentist appointment. They didn’t want me to practice, but I will be out there today (Tuesday).”

Church added that he has had to deal with plenty of razzing from his teammates and coaches, but that he “took the punches and kept on going.” And since he admittedly has a sweet tooth, he said he’s going to have to stick to softer candies until after the season.

“I have to stick to the soft stuff – Starburst, Skittles, stuff like that,” Church said.

Most of the weird injuries we share with you on LBS like this and this have to do with baseball players. NFL players rarely seem to fall victim, but Church’s Jolly Rancher debacle is easily one of the most embarrassing we have ever featured.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers K Connor Barth tears Achilles playing basketball

Connor-Barth-BucsA lot of NFL players like to keep in shape during the offseason by playing basketball, but Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Connor Barth has reminded us that there are risks involved with doing so. On Wednesday, the Bucs announced that Barth will miss the entire 2013 season after he suffered a torn Achilles while playing in a charity basketball game.

Tampa Bay signed former New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes to replace Barth.

“We are disappointed to lose a productive player like Connor, but are very fortunate to be able to sign an experienced kicker at this time of year,” Bucs GM Mark Dominik said. “Lawrence and his agent, Ken Harris, had other standing opportunities, but we are pleased that they thought this was the right place for Lawrence to continue his career.”

Barth could have torn his Achilles during any type of physical activity, so we’re certainly not going to fault him for taking part in a charity basketball game with other players. The thing that is worth noting, however, is that this Pro Bowl linebacker reportedly suffered his Achilles injury during a basketball game last season as well.

Achilles injuries are some of the worst in sports, as they take several months to fully recover from. Though a place kicker is much easier to replace than most other skill positions, shooting hoops has emerged as a silent killer for the NFL.

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College DT Kyle Smith suffers horrific injuries while making Bloomin’ Onion

Deep-fried-onionWe have spent a lot of time over the years here at LBS poking fun at athletes who suffer embarrassing injuries off the field, but there is nothing funny about the horrifying incident sophomore defensive tackle Kyle Smith experienced last month. Smith, who plays at NAIA Carroll College in Montana, suffered serious burns while attempting to deep fry an onion.

Smith’s girlfriend, Christie Fredericks, shared the disturbing story with the Casper Star-Tribune earlier this week. She said it all started when the oil on the stove began to smoke.

“Kyle didn’t want the smoke alarms to go off so he grabbed the pot off the stove and was taking it outside,” Fredericks explained. “The next thing I know the lid popped and the oil overflowed. Kyle slipped on the oil and it burned him.

“By that time the house was starting to fill with smoke and Kyle was just screaming at me and my daughter to get out of the house.”

Fredericks said she then took her 2-year-old daughter to the garage and waited for Smith when she heard him yell out, “Call 911…my feet are burnt off.”

“When I finally saw him his pants were melted and he was army crawling to the door,” she recalled. “It was pretty traumatic.”

Paramedics arrived and stabilized Smith before he was taken to the emergency room and later air-lifted to the University of Utah Burn Center. His father, Mitch Smith, said Kyle is burned on 20 percent of his body and that his arms look good but his legs will take a while to heal. He underwent skin graft surgery last Friday, with doctors taking skin from his thighs to replace the skin he lost on his feet, toes, shins and calves.

Doctors estimate that Smith will be in a bed at the burn center for about another month. He won’t be able to run again for four months and probably cannot begin working out for another six, meaning he will likely miss the upcoming football season. Here’s hoping he has a full and speedy recovery.

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Texas Rangers’ Jeff Baker hurt thumb on high-five

Jeff Baker RangersTexas Rangers utility man Jeff Baker did not play on Friday because he was unable to grab a bat after spraining his thumb receiving a high-five from a teammate on Thursday. Seriously.

Baker has been Mr. Versatile for the Rangers this season, starting games at both corner infield and outfield spots, as well as second base and DH. He is hitting .317 with nine home runs, and he has been particularly effective against lefties. Baker is batting .386 with eight of his homers coming off lefties, while he is hitting just .237 against right-handed pitchers.

Baker told reporters that his thumb was injured by a teammate who gave him an enthusiastic high-five before Thursday’s game against Toronto.

“I was giving my teammate a high five and the teammate was a little overexcited for whatever reason and bent my thumb back from my hand to my wrist,” Baker said, via FOX Sports Southwest. “I’m not too happy about it.”

Baker likely would have been in the lineup on Friday against lefty Mark Buehrle if not for the sprained thumb.

The Rangers already have Ian Kinsler and Mitch Moreland on the disabled list, so the last thing they needed was to lose one of their guys to a high-five. Actually, losing a guy to a high-five is the last thing anyone needs.

Ian Kennedy misses start after injuring finger doing the dishes

Ian-Kennedy-DiamondbacksIan Kennedy was scheduled to start on the mound for the Arizona Diamondbacks against the San Diego Padres on Sunday, but plans changed when he lost a fight with a kitchen knife. According to FOXSportsArizona.com’s Jack Magruder, Kennedy suffered a laceration on the inside of his right index finger while he was doing the dishes earlier this week.

When asked about hurting himself while helping out around the house, Kennedy was understandably embarrassed.

“There is no cool story to it,” he told Magruder, noting that the injury happened on Thursday. “It is kind of embarrassing, Cleaning a knife.”

Accidents happen, and Kennedy can rest assured knowing he is hardly alone. Pitchers cut their hands trying to do everyday things more often than you might think. Two seasons ago, Brewers pitcher Chris Narveson had to miss time after he sliced his finger while using a pair of scissors. About a month later, Blue Jays starter Brett Cecil injured his hand while cleaning out a basic household appliance.

Unfortunate? Yes. Unheard of? Not at all.

Nationals P Ryan Mattheus broke his hand punching a locker

Ryan-Mattheus-NationalsThe Washington Nationals are struggling with depth right now as a result of several injuries. There is little that can be done to prevent players from suffering injuries in practice or during a game. However, self-inflicted injuries like the one Nationals reliever Ryan Mattheus suffered on Sunday can easily be avoided.

According to the Washington Post, the Nats’ setup man broke his hand when he punched a locker after giving up five earned runs in one inning against the San Diego Padres. Mattheus’ hand reportedly did not swell up initially so he did not reveal the injury to the team. On Monday, pain and swelling forced him to come clean.

“I was pretty upset, and I let my emotions get the best of me,” he said. “I hit my locker, and unfortunately I injured myself. It’s pretty embarrassing. It’s a tough one to swallow. I feel like I let the other 25 guys down on this team. I let the whole Washington Nationals organization down doing something stupid.”

Washington starting pitcher Ross Detwiler came out of the game with an injury on Monday, which forced manager Davey Johnson to use long relievers Zach Duke and Craig Stammen in his place. Since Mattheus kept his injury a secret until Monday, the team was unable to call someone up before the game to replace him, leaving them with a depleted bullpen.

“It was tough losing Mattheus,” Johnson said. “Unfortunately, he didn’t tell anybody that he broke his hand the night before. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have anybody here to help us out. He felt real bad about it, but I wish he had said something about what he did.”

Mattheus is not the first nor the second ballplayer to injure himself by letting his frustrations boil over, and he now understands the type of embarrassment that comes along with it.

“That’s what’s so embarrassing about it,” he said. “It’s absolutely something I can control. It’s not like I hurt myself out on the field. I got to do a better job of that.”

Moral of the story: don’t hide your injuries. I’m sure Mattheus was hoping his hand was fine and he wouldn’t have to tell the team that he hurt it by punching a metal locker, but it ended up costing the team even more than it had to.

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