Chase Budinger Gets Face Intentionally Stomped on by Houston Player

What is it with Houston and their aggression toward the Pac-10? First it was the Cougar mascot getting into it with the Oregon Duck mascot. Now it’s Aubrey Coleman stomping on Chase Budinger’s face in the game between Houston and Arizona on Saturday. Thanks to the magic of Yahoo!, nearly four million people have seen this video. If you haven’t, make sure you become four million and one.

Coleman has since apologized saying he didn’t mean to do it and that he’s sorry. I can give the forgiveness but can’t buy that he didn’t mean to do it. That looked pretty darn intentional to me. No wonder Chase was so peeved.

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  • Gene

    If the Houston coach wants to show any testicularity, he would suspend Coleman from the team. That appears to be intentional and malicious. I suspect the “apology” came about because of public opinion rather than remorse on the part of Coleman.

  • SpinMax

    Not intentional? If he’s going to lie then apology not accepted. Gee whiz I’m sorry I did that…but I didn’t really do it. Sure. Right. He should be suspended already by his own coach….instead his coach supports him in this lie? Bullshit all around. No class.

  • http://www.pointguardu.com/cats NICK

    This is getting better and better… Now Penders is saying that Coleman didnt stomp on Budinger face at all….

    but this photo proves Penders to be a reatrd