Trent Johnson Ejected by Quick Draw Curtis Shaw

Come to find out that there was more to Stanford coach Trent Johnson’s ejection Saturday than meets the eye. Luckily we don’t have to discuss the controversial nature of the move since Stanford ended up winning the game, but apparently Trent Johnson should have realized with whom he was dealing. The sleuthing Matt Spiegel at Sporting News Radio pointed out Saturday evening on his show that Curtis Shaw is notorious for blowing the whistle more than any other referee in college hoops. Shaw leads all officials in both fouls called this year as well as technical fouls called. He also has made five ejections, more than twice anyone close to him on the list.

In fact, when you google “Curtis Shaw referee,” you wind up with nothing but stories of Curtis Shaw impacting games with his calls. A story from March 2000 tells of Iowa State’s Larry Eustachy losing his cool and getting ejected in a game against Michigan State by the officials, one of whom was Shaw. A Syracuse blog tells of Shaw making whimsical calls against Pitt a few years ago. And the best was a 1999 official’s magazine featuring an interview with Shaw, with the sub-headline “overcoming a hot head early in his career.” Yeah, so much for “overcoming” the issue. Really, officials need to know their place, and for the most part, that doesn’t include ejecting coaches in the middle of the NCAA tournament unless completely warranted.

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  • Gene

    Sorry to disagree with you, but as a coach in the NCAA tournament, part of Johnson’s duties includes being prepared by knowing the officials as well as the opponents. Obviously, Johnson was not prepared. In addition, you must NEVER give an NCAA opponent, particularly one as good as Marquestte, four free throws.

    You speak of Curtis Shaw’s past tendancies. Well I watched many of Stanford’s games this year, and while Johnson may be a nice guy off the court, he has a history of arguing with officials in a very distasteful manner, to say the least.

    To sum it up, he looked like a parrot with a bad case of ‘roid rage. Enough said.

  • Rob

    Prepare for the refs? are you kidding me Gene? Coaches have enough to worry about preparing for the opposing team. If referees were competent enough and without agendas, prepartion would never be an issue. So I guess you’re saying Curtis Shaw is incompetent, so coaches should prepare accordingly? Then why is Shaw officiating in NCAA Tournament games in the 1st place?

    To sum it up, Curtis Shaw should not be allowed to officiate games.