AJ McCarron calls out Darnell Dockett for flirting with Katherine Webb

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarronWhen Katherine Webb first gained national attention after she was shown on television during the BCS National Championship Game, Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett was one of the first people to hit on her. Dockett tweeted his phone number at Webb and then claimed it was supposed to be a direct message.

Last week, Dockett said he would be able to get Webb if he wanted her, but that she isn’t his type of girl. He said he is more into “hood chicks,” but that apparently hasn’t stopped him from flirting with the former Miss Alabama on Twitter. On Friday, Dockett gave Webb another shout-out.

It sounds like AJ McCarron has had enough of the 290-pounder hitting on his girlfriend. The Alabama quarterback called out Dockett with a pair of tweets on Friday night.

I think we all know who would win in a rumble between these two, but it’s about time McCarron showed a little enthusiasm. Dockett’s an NFL player, so what’s he gonna do? Beat him up? That being said, Darnell does love getting a rise out of people by saying perverted things and insulting people on Twitter. This will probably just make him hit on Webb even harder.

Photo credit: Twitter/Katherine Webb

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  • cagey01

    Dockett’s a spelling-challenged ass.

  • bobbo11k

    another DFN shut up and play ball use you’re GOD GIVEN TALENT play the game BE HUMBLE remembor without the game you’re a 300# JANITOR!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/djjackson81 David Jackson

    Dockett tweeted to get a rise out of people and AJ is Jealous get over AJ for you get mopped up dumb ass

  • iain_banks

    Who’s AJ again? Oh, Katherine Webb’s “other”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Burrell/100000332653156 David Burrell

     why is a NFL player with Millions trying take a college kids girl smh… seem like a punk move to me..

  • Van McCoy

    Go Darnell. Keep needling that damn sissy. Better yet, take
    his girlfriend, ditch her, then tie one hand behind your back,
    tie your ankles together, then proceed to whup his ass, lol!

  • Evenflow76

    You tell him bo! Whip out a thinly veiled racial epithet. Showcase that inbred intellect of yours. The South is going rise again. Yee Haw!!!!

  • solbeachres

    Much ado about nothing. Just looks like two guys busting each others balls and having some fun with it. I don’t think anyone is getting mad. 

  • Bob TheGreek

    you must be single

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RHXTPY6PG7GQ4JMOWOET33HICY Brian

    Darnell dockett is hilarious

  • http://twitter.com/WolfmansNephew Justin C. Harrington

    my cats breath smells like cat food… 

  • http://www.facebook.com/gandalf.stormcrow.5 Gandalf Stormcrow

    Darnell Dockett is a pathetic douche. A street thug. A bully who never grew up.

  • josh1988

    darnell docketts a girl..bet he wouldnt get at somebodys girl his size….he should know from the hood that you can get handled by lil guys with weapons…things like this will end up ending twitter for athletes cuz somebody will end up callin somebody out and get jumped or somethin…if i was mc carron i would say “man ill go through your hood and bang all your women”

  • Burbank1944

    Dockett is a low life thug who only escaped going to the pen because he has some football talent. He has no respect for women. Unfortunately, he has no respect for himself. His tweets and his post game interviews show how pathetically illiterate he is. Education would have helped this low functioning brut.

  • muschnutz


  • hosschisom

    I feels for Darnell “Court” Dockett. First, he has his crack-addict mamma’s murdered at his slum home, den, goes to FSU and hurts people like UF’s rb Graham on purposes. Yea he bes da’ victim’s here. You know I don’t knows why whites bes gitting upset. Blacks only rapes an average of 15,000 whites womens a year. Oh, how many blackes female do whites men rapes? ZERO. Remember WICHITA and KNOXVILLE!! Never forget who commits the most inhumane crimes in the post-modern era. So stick that up your race-baiting, knee-jerk rumps Evenflow76 and VanMcCoy.

  • muschnutz

    Dockett, you need Donkey Punched like nobodys business ya Punk !!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B33AQIUTW5QUSQ264MTORFNCFE Francis Ferrell

    What’s this all about? AJ is a sissy and looks like he’s still in high school. It’s unbelievably obvious that Webb is with this little kid because he’s a hometown hero. Just look at the picture LOL It almost looks like mother and son!!! Who cares what Dockett tweets! He’s embarrasing himself, especially with his grammar; or lack thereof!

  • http://www.facebook.com/russell.bauer.7 Russell Bauer

    Dude goes for hoodrats cause he can’t get anything better!  Piece of sh*t!

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.knight.182 Chuck Doubleoseven

    I feel retarded for just trying to make out what you wrote.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.knight.182 Chuck Doubleoseven

    AJ’s a sissy?  I dont know him personally, like I guess you do, but hes a QB at one of the best College Football programs in the Country.  Im willing to bet you would be in tears if you had to just do the practices he has to daily much less get hit like he does on the field.     

  • Eli Car

    WOW….Really? First you make a comment about his racism, yet you are such an idiot you pull out your own racist remark? I mean seriously…..What dumb ass.

  • Eli Car

    You are funny. First off, my dogs are better looking than Dockett…..Next….that girl is WAY out of that idiots league. Finally….Gonna be funny when AJ throws that winning TD against Docketts dumb ass.

  • Eli Car

    He never will grow up. He came from a family that lived off our tax money. He played in the streets with fire hydrants spraying him in the face…..that is proly how he actually got clean. Now he is just like a teenage girl looking for attention from anywhere he can get it. Are we sure he is a African American Man and not one of those loud ass drama Queen African American Women?

  • http://twitter.com/cmilian Carmelo Milian

    I say, let them boys fix things between them like men. I will stay with Katherine to make sure she is out of harms way. Too much testosterone, you can tell they are just boys.

  • 88M

    Take his girl so I can keep him company:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1310583931 Suzanne Holzgang Zaremba

    Racism vs racism, Can’t tell who the bigot is here anymore. Get a life, people.

  • John Sheehan

    No one asked Webb if sheliked him.  Maybe there is a connection.  Just sayin…..I read his twitter profile, seems like a real nice guy. Very intelligent and would make a good dad.  Seems to care about others and is not self centered.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FSCTZR2B2RQLPI2UBHBTFZB5ZA Terry R

    darnell just plain has no class

  • http://www.facebook.com/stevendjennings Steve Jennings

    So he’s a sissy huh?………….FRANCIS!

  • http://twitter.com/luvthecards suzanne peters

    Dockett came home as a child to find his mother shot dead, and his father died too. He is lucky to be where he is. That doesn’t excuse some of his behavior off the field, but see where a guy comes from before you start calling names.

  • hittman007

    i agree  he is loosing all the way

  • hittman007

    he is starting trouble when none is needed……play football that he is being paid for and let the rest go

  • Jon Adamich

    Your girlfriend is now a known model and in sports illustrated. I’m sorry my friend, but she is going to be hit on, on a daily basis. You are going to have to deal with it, instead of throwing “zingers” and “comebacks” every time. Such is life.

  • Jac300

    What Lowbrow, Lowforehead, Lowlifes twit hood-speaking football players are. Do you actually think that girl would go out with that animal. Oh some would  but not her. To much class. and he has none.

  • Jac300


  • RufusVonDufus

    Dockett’s tweets are representative of the completely low class, uneducated, brain dead, immoral and ignorant type people infecting the NFL with their stupidity.     The only difference between the NFL and the Coliseum of the old Roman days is that today the slaves are paid even though they end up penniless!

  • Charles Chatman

    HE’S “loosing?” You, my friend, seem to have a few “loose” screws yourself!