Banner over Penn State campus: ‘Take the (Joe Paterno) statue down or we will’

As you may have expected, the decision by the Penn State Board of Trustees to leave the Joe Paterno statue standing outside the football field on campus has been met with a great deal of opposition. The photo that you see above was taken over the Penn State campus on Tuesday morning. If you can’t make it out, that is a banner that reads “TAKE THE STATUE DOWN OR WE WILL.” Time could be ticking for the Board of Trustees.

“Beaver Stadium has called police services in response to the potential threat from the flyover,” PSU intern and PR major Maddy Pryor wrote on Twitter after the banner had been circling the campus.

It was later discovered that the plane flying with the banner is licensed to Air America Aerial Ads of Genoa, Ohio. The group that purchased the banner also taunted Tiger Woods at the 2010 Masters, and was done by a group described as “a bunch of do-gooders.”

The vision of some of the Penn State community may still be clouded by things like money and the school’s reputation, but there are plenty of people who out there who will not rest until the statue comes down. Paterno allegedly covered up for a child molester. At the end of the day, nothing else should matter. The Penn State club where students camp prior to football games already renamed their organization. The Nike Child Development Center in Oregon did the same. The school would be wise to follow suit with the statue. If not, an angry mob could find its way onto campus at some point in the near future.

Photo via @dmech06
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  • rdc1974

    People are so stupid and just gobble up whatever comes down the broadband line or through the idiot box. A grand jury was convened and found Paterno legally inculpable of Sandusky’s actions. Joe Paterno filed a police report when the information about Sandusky was reported to him. He also informed the athletic director and asked that Sandusky be banned from using the school’s facility which the board overruled. The school now pays a guy who is under investigation for multiple cover-ups while at the F.B.I. 6.5 million dollars to perform an “investigation”. The results of that are easy. Blame the dead guy he surely wont be rebutting anything. Joe Paterno did not molest or cover up for anyone. Look at the facts and use a little common sense. 

  • aneworifice

    common sense is not common anymore.

  • 19bill56

    Unbelievable you still defend the man. I would suspend the football program for 14 years -the number of years the abuse went on after the first incident was known. Did you read the report they did nothing while a pedophile continued abusing boys.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U4SMN3BQEXPSUODRTVJY4TKMNA JosephU

     I see that your brainwashed like the rest of those idiots at the State Penn.

  • mcmact

    Take the statue down!! It’s an severe insult to the many boys Joe could have saved but chose to ignore while Sanduskey contined to have access to the football buildings!

    How many other people knew?  Surely more of the football satff had to of known as well as many outside of the football world within Penn State!!!

    Do the right thing!!!

  • art789

    Paterno is as guilty as Sandusky, Paterno was the face of the university and by not moving to put an end to that behavior he condoned it ( by not saying no, he said yes), tacit approval. Take the statue down!  

  • PSULove

    Let the asshole public do what they want to the statue……the photos of penn state and Paterno will not be coming down in my house, I still wear my penn state gear with pride and my children will be sttending penn state in the future

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YTCGKNQNF2IFH7EJ3YEOVDDKWU brando97

    Take the statue down, tear down the locker room and  showers where Sandusky did his evil. Pay the abuse victims 10 million each, start up a child abuse center and throw 10 million a year at it to help abused children. have the football team go out to schools and ciommunity centers to give talks about child abuse and sexual exploitation.  If you are not going to take the statue down at least move it to the shower where it belongs.

  • PSULove

    In fact now that i think about it….give it ot me ill put it in my backyard

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YTCGKNQNF2IFH7EJ3YEOVDDKWU brando97

    Spanier needs to go to jail, he was on the NCAA commitee and was aware of the need to report this type of thing. He put the schools and its programs reputation ahead of the welfare of helpless children. He needs to be fined 14 years worth of income and go to jail for at least 14 years.  Spanier would go after players who received a suit to go to the NFL draft and considered it a severe violation. the man is a hypocrit to the nth degree. He used his power to benefit himslef when he could have used it to protect innocent children who in many cases had no one to protect them.  America and society has a responsibility to protect those who are the least capable of protecting themselves. We are missing the boat yet again.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YTCGKNQNF2IFH7EJ3YEOVDDKWU brando97

    Keep your Sandusky photo up too. He says he didn’t do it!

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    The grand jury didn’t have an email that said the leaders decided not to alert authorities about Sandusky after “talking it over with Joe.” That alone would have been enough for a conviction if he were alive. He’d be going down for perjury like the rest of the people involved in the coverup.

  • PSULove

    I love how my comment was removed because i said I still support Penn State.  You wonder why our society is screwed.  I didnt mention that the officials were innocent, I didnt mention that nobody should go to jail. I said none of those things but because i said i support Penn State and Id still send my kids there someday thats for some reason too much for people to handle.   Were such a weak minded people anymore its sad

  • imgimpie

    this is the e-mail from Shultz to Spanier…no proof if he DID talk to Joe about anything…if it was even related to the Sandusky situation.  Joe was an old fuddy dud who diid not use email.  SOOOO…a person who WAS indicted by the Grand Jury sent emails to cover up the abuse, insinuating someone supported his actions…..THAT someone, by the way, was and is THE ONLY PERSON @ PSU who actually did something, including testimony to GJ (resulting in perjury charges against the aforementioned emailer)—JOE PATERNO.  I hope his family gets ZILLIONS from the cowards who attacked Joe while protecting true evil. Sandusky and his protectors can burn in hell.

  • http://twitter.com/waraksas Stan Waraksa

    Brown censored one of mine also. Fox Sports got me a couple times also.  The press forms many opinions and wants to continue the feeding frenzy. Yeah, I’d take it down and put it right dead in the middle of the Paterno library wing. If you don’t attend PSU games—don’t worry about the statue! As for forcefully taking the statue down—-I wouldn’t try it.

  • http://twitter.com/waraksas Stan Waraksa

    Not hardly. That’d be hearsay as evidence. Curley and Curley alone can testify to conversations that took place between he and Joe. As soon as he tells Schultz— Joe said—-it’s hearsay. 3rd party is a no-no.

  • oncefallendotcom

    I see JosephU is brainwashed like the rest of the idiots who get their daily dose of Faux News and Nancy Disgrace. 

  • oncefallendotcom

    Oh look, it is the Inquisition! If you float, you’re a witch, if you sink, oops, my bad. Paterno (RIP) is a scapegoat for the witch hunters who want to crucify everyone they THINK is involved somehow. Paterno had already been cleared under a previous investigation, and now some emails “emerged” long after the investigation is over? I call shenanigans. We were so sure of Bakersfield, McMartin, and Duke Lacrosse too. 

  • oncefallendotcom

    I think at least some of the alleged victims are lying to get a big fat paycheck. People can and do lie about abuse. 

  • hinmanhouse

    To the best of my knowledge there are only two people who are currently on the record in the belief that the abuse did not take place…..Jerry Sandusky and his wife.  You are number three.  It is a small club, with questionable membership criteria.

  • hinmanhouse

    Spanier: prosecution
    Statue: melt it down
    Locker room: bulldozer
    Football program: it’s over, Johnny

  • RoadhouseBlues

    Leave the statue up, football drunks need a place to piss!

  • RoadhouseBlues

    Once fallen, you landed on your head, correct?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EPLGOK7RG6YLFEW7GGDFB73MI4 william

    All of you Paterno apologists deserve to get Sanduskied.

  • halfdome4

    Wow.  How long did Sandusky work for Joe? 20 years? you really belive joe didn’t know? He did nothing to stop it. The whole country is going to crush you idiots, and you deserve it. 

  • lorettaflahart

    Alright so Joe P did the right thing by reporting to the higher ups, but once he saw that nothing was   being done about it (like say a year later), he should have gone to the police himself..
    Of course he wasn’t the only one who didn’t do the right thing at that time, there were plenty more of them, so lets blame those who are still alive instead of putting it all on a guy who can no longer speak for himself.. Lets make this about the ones who can be made to pay for there in action on this matter..

  • halfdome4

    Stan, it’s going down, period.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SHLHVHSA5FRCMDLM4L3XH3V7KY Siddharthra_Buddha

     There is also the fact of Sandusky’s son coming forward with incidents of molestation.

  • RevSpinnaker

    Perhaps Paterno didn’t use emails to avoid leaving evidence. Did Freeh have access to Paterno’s personal computer? Let’s not forget the 1998 investigating DA diappeared along with his hard-drive. Very suspicious.

  • imgimpie

    Paterno was not electronically savvy.  However, using the tactics of conspiracy theorists…oooh, he HID the truth and double negatives like there is not proof he DID NOT not do something is one of the reasons that “lynch mob” is a derogatory term. Page 11, paragraph 3 of the Freeh report says that the emails between the other three PSU officials from the 1998 & 2001 investigations were the most important documents for their investigation. Ray Gricar CHOSE to not file charges after the detailed investigation by CYS & Police in 1998. For those not interested in facts, the laws of our country do not allow people to punish people NOT convicted of crimes, let alone those NOT even charged with one.  Tell the truth Rev.,have you stopped beating your wife?

  • shelllby

    JoePa must Go-Pa!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sporteric11 Eric Rambipambibambi

    Why don’t you do an article on suspected child molester former Hockey Coach Joseph Timpone formally at Kendall Ice Arena.  He wasn’t fired until parents went in mass to the front office and you can read the police report. He is being tried in Orange County where the incident took place. The case number is Case No. 2011-CF-016294-A-O and he was charged with felony molestation. They have not disclosed former history in Colorado Springs 6 years ago and Red Rink Armory in New Jersey over 12 years ago. When I contacted people at the New Jersey rink, they did not press charges but he left after suspicious activities with younger players whose parents did not want them to testify or be put on stand. He supposedly picks young victims under 12 years of age and he threatened to sue the rink for libel and slander if they said anything because they did not prosecute. He also built special team locker rooms in Colorado and Kendall to lecture the kids while they showered . I was also told by other parents in Colorado to watch this guy for these reasons. The only reason he is being prosecuted here is that the grandfather insists the child testifies but Tampon keeps getting delays in the case. The Miami Herald and the Miami New Times wrote articles about the case so please read them. I am hoping the publicity will get other victims from over 12 years ago in New Jersey to testify since they are older now. I hope that you can find the time to write an article about this guy.