Florida may have paid off bouncer whose ear drum was broken by Aaron Hernandez

Tim Tebow Aaron HernandezIf you’re wondering why so many incidents involving Aaron Hernandez went unreported until now, it may be because some of them were covered up.

For instance, earlier on Tuesday we shared a report saying Hernandez punched a bouncer at a bar in 2007 when he was a 17-year-old at Florida. Hernandez apparently was at a campus bar called The Swamp and received two alcoholic drinks from a waitress and did not want to pay his bill. Bouncer Michael Taphorn supposedly got in Hernandez’s face and asked him to leave, and the tight end punched the bouncer in the side of the head.

Though Taphorn declined medical treatment at the time, he later discovered that he had a ruptured ear drum. The Orlando Sentinel says Gainesville police recommended felony charges for Hernandez, but the young player went uncharged. USA Today says that is probably because Florida reached a settlement with Taphorn.

According to USA Today, which obtained a supplemental report, Taphorn initially was adamant about pursuing charges. However, he later changed his mind and told police he was thinking about dropping the charges.

An investigator wrote in the report, “Taphorn did state that he had been contacted by legal staff and coaches with UF and that they may be working on an agreement. However, nothing is finalized.”

Taphorn was advised that he would have to contact the State Attorney’s Office if he wanted to drop the charges.

If Florida did reach a settlement with Taphorn so that he wouldn’t pursue charges, I’m sure that outcome would come as a huge shock to all of you college football fans. Programs paying off people or getting the police to drop charges? That sort of thing never happens!

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  • Robellini

    And the University of Miami is being investigated for alleged boat rides and dinners on evidence of receipts that could belong to anyone and the testimony of a convicted felon. I wonder if the NCAA will pursue this as vigorously with Tebow as witness to this event.

  • MrWhamBam

    this kind of thing, where ” victims” of fights with ballplayers being paid off, is rampant in college sports. It just took an “example” like Hernandez, to reveal all that we already knew. This kind of crap has been going on for decades.

    there is NO WAY, this guy Taphorn stops talking/complaining, unless he is compensated in some way. Otherwise, whats it worth to him to be quiet, if he isn’t compensated?

    that being said, its illegal for a college/university, to do such a thing..its basically a misappropriation of funds when something like that is done. And if a coach does it out of his own pocket, its just as illegal, as well…
    but in the end, that school will be burdened with some bad press, and this will all go away in time, because the bigger story is all that Hernandez has efffed up, recently.
    lets move on, folks…