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Friday, June 22, 2018

Quit Hammering Dwayne Jarrett

Most likely because he’s been on a media blitz doing interviews left and right, I can’t seem to get away from Dwayne Jarrett. And of course going along with the Dwayne Jarrett interviews are the Dwayne Jarrett questions: is he the next Mike Williams? Is he too slow to play receiver in the NFL?

Let me just answer both questions — no. End those questions please. Explain to me what Dwayne Jarrett has to do with Mike Williams? What am I missing? Why should Jarrett’s future be hampered by the lazy work ethic of a receiver who preceded him that happened to be at the same university? The career of the two men are completely independent of each other. Even if Jarrett turns out to be a bust — which he most likely will not — it won’t have anything to do with Mike Williams not making it with the Lions. How could it? Do the two train together? Does Mike Williams throw passes to Jarrett? Then what do they have to do with each other? I can’t stand these mindless connections people make.

Then the whole 40 time issue really irks me. In 2003, both the offensive rookie of the year AND the defensive rookie of the year were combine and draft day duds. Surely you’ll recognize their names more than the men who went ahead of them in the draft — Anquan Boldin and Terrell Suggs, who fell to the 54th and 10th spots respectively. Why you ask? Because they ran slow 40 times.

So what difference does it make if Dwayne Jarrett ran in the 4.6s instead of the 4.5s? You really telling me a tenth of a second is worth 10 spots in the draft? Guess so. Well, I’ve had enough of that crap, and I certainly wouldn’t let it keep me from drafting Dwayne Jarrett.

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