A Third Assault Case for Roethlisberger?

It’s almost like piling on Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger at this point. On top of the Lake Tahoe sexual assault civil suit allegation Roethlisberger faces and the Georgia sexual assault allegation he escaped, a Boston lawyer now says Roethlisberger had a third similar sexual assault case in Las Vegas. From WEEI in Boston:

“Six months ago I was retained by a client of mine and a close friend to investigate allegations against Ben Roethlisberger in a Las Vegas nightclub that were absolutely identical to this Georgia girl’s story,” said [Boston attorney Harry] Manion, a partner at the firm of Cooley Manion Jones, LLP and a frequent guest of WEEI. “The outcome was that the young woman did not want to proceed, and we did not take any action. There is a history here — and I can’t say any further because we never proceeded with it — but there is a history here that is just super troubling.”

Sounds to me like there was a payoff so that an investigation was not launched, just like I feel there was a monetary settlement reached in the Georgia case, as Mike Florio also felt. Hush money may have protected Big Ben to this point, but as we’ve seen with Tiger Woods, paying people off only protects you to a certain extent. After that point, how you treat(ed) people becomes more of an issue once your status as a hero has been stripped. That’s precisely what happened with Roethlisberger so I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last negative story we hear about him. Lastly, I really don’t see how Commissioner Roger Goodell (or at the very least the Steelers), cannot suspend Roethlisberger at least two games for the negative attention he has brought the League and the franchise. Isn’t that what the code of conduct policy is all about, even if criminal charges weren’t filed?

Of course, the same lawyer is now backing down maybe realizing he’s made slanderous claims.

Boston attorney on Roethlisberger: ‘There is a history here that is just super troubling’ [WEEI]

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  • http://LarryBrownSports Steve DelVecchio

    Has to be a pay-off scenario. Wonder how many there have been. The girl ends up going to the emergency room, then wants to file charges, then all of a sudden drops them and the whole thing ends with there not being strong enough evidence against him. AND the DA says he needs to grow up. This isn’t going to end here, and now if I were Ben I’d be seriously worried about more of these stories coming out all over the place, whether they are true or just people wanting a piece of the spotlight. My post ended earlier wondering if he’d clean up his act, but this is probably going to get a lot uglier before he has a chance to clear his name.

  • SpinMax

    Hopefully this is just the beginning of their garbage fixed superbowl wins karma.

  • ColonelTom

    In the Georgia case, the police were present during the attack and then all the physical evidence against Roethlisberger was tainted, destroyed or lost by “accident’. Perhaps this was because the police didn’t want their participation to be discovered. The girl was obviously attacked yet Roethlisberger was never even interviewed by them. There is even a possibility it was police threats against her family which caused her to decide not to press it any further (or police threats delivered quietly to/through her attorney). They had security cameras whose evidence was “allowed” to be destroyed, they had DNA evidence which was “mishandled” into irrelevance. Do you really think she had a chance? Perhaps the moral of this tale is: if you are wealthy and friendly with the police in Georgia, rape is legal and probably everything else too! There is even a possibility the Rooney family played a part, after all, this wasn’t a black player, it was a white quarterback!

  • Gene

    Let’s see what kind of a suspension Big Ben gets, and whether it is from Roger Goodell (maybe four games) or from the Steelers (probably one or two games).

    He is a QB, but that should not prevent the league from really coming down on him. Two or three incidents indicate a pattern that should be disturbing to the league and all football fans.