Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son reportedly in critical condition after being beaten

Adrian-Peterson-Wants-to-Play-for-Fantasy-OwnersUPDATE: Police have confirmed that Peterson’s son has died. What an unspeakable tragedy.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son is reportedly in critical condition at a South Dakota hospital after he was allegedly beaten. According to the Argus Leader, police have arrested 27-year-old Joseph Robert Patterson and charged him with aggravated assault and aggravated battery of an infant. Patterson is said to be dating the mother of Peterson’s son.

Initial reports only specified that Patterson was arrested for his alleged abuse of a 2-year-old infant. TMZ later reported that the boy who suffered the injuries is Peterson’s son.

Sioux Falls Police Lt. Blaine Larsen said that Patterson was the only one home with the boy on Wednesday when the incident took place. Patterson reportedly called the police at 5:34 p.m. to report that the child had choking injuries. The infant was taken to a hospital by ambulance, and police later determined that the injuries were “consistent with abuse” and not accidental. Law enforcement officials reportedly told TMZ that the child suffered severe head injuries.

“Sometimes, it ends up there was a crime that took place. Sometimes not,” police spokesman Sam Clemens said on Thursday. “(We’re) just trying to talk to people that are involved. Just trying to figure out what happened; that’s the big part, I guess.”

Peterson’s son was reportedly living in Sioux Falls with the boy’s mother and Patterson.

This story legitimately makes me sick to my stomach. Our thoughts are with Peterson and his family during this inexplicably difficult time.

UPDATE (11:35 a.m.): Pro Football Talk reported that Peterson returned to the Vikings’ team facility on Friday morning after dealing with a situation sources described as “tragic.” City Pages has cited sources claiming the Sioux Falls boy who was beaten is not Peterson’s son. We should know more later today when AP speaks to the media.

UPDATE (12:07 p.m.): Citing a source close to Peterson, Pro Football Talk has reported that the injured child is indeed Peterson’s son. Sean Jensen of the Pioneer Press says Peterson’s father confirmed the victim was one of Adrian’s sons, though it was not Adrian Jr, whose photo was shown on a previous version of this post.

UPDATE (2:30PM): Peterson says he will play Sunday and has asked that the media respect his family’s privacy during this time.

Photo: SI’s Andy Gray

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  • Michael Red Walls

    I totally blame the mother. In her haste to start a new life, she apparently neglected to protect the child from an obvious assault. I pray that the Peterson family is awarded custody of the child. The mother should be charged also. I am sure she was receiving ample financial support from Adrian Peterson, but lacked sensible judgement in her choice of boyfriends.

  • cp

    You can’t always predict how a person will act. You have made a judgement about the child’s mother without knowing all the facts. You have no clue how this guy acted with the child before this incident, without that information I don’t know how you can make a judgement on the mother.

  • http://geekpinata.com/ Crystal Lynn


    From here on out, if she doesn’t cut ties with this “man” after he beat her child, *then* that’s on her.

  • Arsenious_Maximus

    Another classic case of misconduct at home. I blame the mom cuz she should know better than to have some crazy ass guy with her baby. She pulled the classic “have a kid with a baller, then separate to get some baby mama money”. She lost her lifetime paycheck if this kid passes away. She should not have any custody of this child if the kid makes it through. Adrian Petterson should have custody of the child. When are these athletes especially the superstars gonna stop having kids out of wedlock and use a condom?! Idiots!!!