Aldon Smith had enough weapons to form a small militia

Aldon Smith mug shotSan Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith is facing three felony weapons assault charges that stem from a house party he hosted during the summer of 2012 where one person was allegedly stabbed and two others were shot. Police who responded to Smith’s house found a number of assault rifles and ammunition. According to NBC Bay Area, the Santa Clara County District Attorney is expecting Smith to “self-surrender” to the weapons charges later this month.

So what exactly did the 24-year-old have stashed in his house? Enough weapons to form a small militia would be the simplest answer we can give. Prosecutors say Smith had not registered any of the weapons that were found in his home. For those of you who are more visual, let’s get a better understanding of the guns he had.

Armalite AR10-T .308 caliber rifle (via AmmoLand.com)


Bushmaster Carbon-15 .223 caliber rifle (via Bushmaster.com)


Bushmaster ACR rifle 5.56 NATO (via RockwellArms.com)


You get the point. For whatever reason, Smith is obviously a gun enthusiast. Maybe he plays a lot of “Call of Duty” and wanted to know what it would be like to hold the weapons from the game.

There’s nothing wrong with being a gun collector. The issue is Smith has a history of problems off the field, including his latest DUI arrest. He could now miss at least five weeks while he goes through a rehab program and his case is processed. Given the way Aldon had been dominating the league, this is all truly a shame.

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  • Berin Jackson

    CA law: All handgun serial numbers and sales are recorded by the state
    (registered) in the Department of Justice’s Automated Firearms System.
    Long arm serial numbers are not recorded, only the sale. While there is
    no requirement for California residents to register previously owned
    handguns or firearms with law enforcement, §12025 and §12031 enhance
    several misdemeanor offenses to felonies if the handgun is not on file
    in the Department of Justice’s Automated Firearms System. California
    §12025 states that handguns must be transported unloaded and in a locked
    container other than the glove compartment or utility box in a motor
    vehicle. A “locked container” is further defined to mean “a secure
    container which is fully enclosed and locked by a padlock, key lock,
    combination lock, or similar locking device.” New residents must
    register handguns (purchased outside of California) with DOJ within 60

    Mr. Smith does not have to register his rifles….