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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bibi Jones tweets half-naked picture with Rob Gronkowski, says Gronk dropped passes because of her

By and large, the whole Bibi Jones and Rob Gronkowski thing is old news. However, it would seem that Bibi is not finished with it just yet. Last year, the now-retired pornstar tweeted a photo of herself hanging out with Gronk and wearing his jersey. On Tuesday, she was once again talking about the Patriots tight end on her Twitter account and even tweeted the following revealing picture, although she claims someone else did it from her account.

When the photos were big news last year, Bibi went on the radio and claimed her and Gronk never had sex even though she wishes they had. If that’s the case, Gronk has more will power than we thought since she was clearly standing in front of him almost fully naked. In addition to the photo — which she said someone stole her phone and posted to create “drama” — Jones also tweeted the following about Gronkowski’s performance against the Cardinals.

“Gronk told me he dropped those balls (because) he was thinking of me!” she wrote. “Gotta get back in his life.”

As Barstool Sports mentioned, this¬†wreaks¬†of a serious cry for attention from someone who recently announced her retirement from porn but still enjoys posting dirty pictures on Twitter. Let it go, Bibi. You and Gronk are last year’s news. He’s not thinking about you during games.

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