WTF Was Belichick Thinking? Worst Decision Ever

Bill BelichickWhereas the Maurice Jones-Drew decision to kneel at the 1 was questionable, there’s no debate about the Patriots’ decision to try for a first down on 4th and 2 and their 29 with two minutes left. It was simply a horrendous, stupid call. The end result for the game explains every reason why it was a brutal call. I can’t imagine anyone having watched that game not wondering what the bleep the Pats were thinking when they decided to go for it in that situation. The bad decisions, as glaring as that one was, doesn’t even end with that call.

Despite rolling up 31 points on Indy and being up by just 10 with under eight minutes left, the Pats went conservative and decided it was time to switch up the gameplan and start running it out. They got a blessing in an interception at the 31 of the Colts and instead of going for the jugular, they played it conservatively and settled for the field goal to go up 34-21 with 4 minutes left. I’m still wondering why they didn’t try for a touchdown especially given the way they had moved the ball all game. Lastly, when Joseph Addai broke loose on a run with 1:20 left, they should have done what the Jets did and let him walk into the end zone. The guy who thought he was making a “game saving” tackle wound up making a win-preventing stop. You telling me Brady couldn’t have set the team up for a field goal with 1:15 on the clock? I would have taken my odds with that compared the Colts chances of scoring from a yard out with four tries.

Awful, awful, awful decision by Belichick. I cannot believe how a guy can be that smart so much of the time can make such a poor choice at such a critical moment. Unbelievable.

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  • Evan

    Kill. Me.

    Patriots fan.

  • Jeff J

    I agree, worst call I have ever seen. What makes it the worst call ever is because of who it was that made the call. He knows better, but his boner for wanting to beat the colts got in the way of his head. It does seem funny that they let up with 4 minutes left, then decided to go for the jugular with just over 2 minutes left in the worst possible field position. The worst part was listening to his players having to lie to the media and say they thought it was a good call.

  • Gene

    Horrible decisions made by Belichick and the team definitely doomed the Patriots, as you described above. The NFL must be very happy with the outcome, as they appear to have a conspiracy in place for Peyton Manning to succeed, since he is their poster boy. That is why they scheduled New England to play at Indianapolis three straight years. There is no excuse they can give us for not having at least one of those games in New England.

  • Ryan

    Yes it was a horrible call on Belichick’s part, but at the same time it looked like to me that Faulk got the first down and it was a shitty spot by the Refs.

  • jose shwadsky

    what would have happened if pats made the first down? at this very minute everyone would have said that Billichik was very smart to go on fourth domn….

  • Eric

    Ryan, I’m a non-bias football fan – Faulk was bobbling the ball and didn’t gain possession until he was too close to the line to make a clear determination on the field. IF they had a timeout in which to use for a challenge, they may have determined that though he did bobble it, he caught it before being forced behind the 30 yard line. Is not managing the timeouts a coaching aspect? Even if the players on the field called the timeouts, isn’t it the coach’s responsibility to prepare them to use them wisely? Had they not blown their time outs, they could have challenged it; yet another element added to the mosaic of bad coaching on Belichick’s part. I’m not even addressing the idea of going for it on 4th and 2 from their own 28 yard line. Don’t care who your quarterback is, that’s just plain arrogant. Thus, STUPID.

  • http://dailydvddeals.com Andy

    The 4th and 2 call was definitely all or nothing, I don’t mind the call Belichick made. I don’t think it was lack of confidence in his defense as much as more confidence in his offense. And it is Peyton, he would’ve went 65 yards as easy as he went the 30 or so.

    Hope they meet again in the playoffs.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I agree with what Eric said about the spot on the 4th down play. Another analogy: would the Pats go for two if they were up 24-22 in the 4th with 30 seconds left when an extra point guarantees a tie if the Colts kicked a FG? Why take that risk when you can make the Colts beat you.

  • SpinMax

    Peyton Manning the NFL poster boy? hardly. The Stoolers are the NFL’s poster boy. Just wait until they
    get to the playoffs and Holmes scores a touchdown, then does a one man 2hour long re-enactment of the
    sound of music as a TD dance and doesn’t get flagged.