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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Brandon Marshall says Jerry Rice couldn’t even succeed if he played in Miami

Whether their ownership group likes it or not, the Dolphins currently have a nasty stigma attached to their organization. At the moment, it feels like nobody wants to play there. Miami was considered a front-runner to land Peyton Manning when he hit the market, and we saw how quickly that fell apart. Then it appeared they would sign Matt Flynn, but but Flynn ultimately chose Seattle. No player seems happier to be out of Miami this season than Brandon Marshall, simply because he thinks it is impossible for a receiver to succeed there.

“It doesn’t make any sense to pay a guy $2 million and only expect him to have 60 or 65 receptions, or 70 receptions in this new offense,” Marshall said during an interview with 740 The Game according the Sun Sentinel. “And also, if you don’t have a quarterback, it doesn’t matter who you have out there. You can bring Jerry Rice back in his prime and he’s not going to be effective. So it makes sense on a business end, and also the fit just philosophy-wise, wasn’t there. I can understand the change, and honestly this is the best move that could have happened for both sides.”

Matt Moore is currently the Dolphins No. 1 starter with David Garrard as his primary back-up, so there certainly is a problem at quarterback in Miami. In a way, Marshall is right. It’s impossible to say how arguably the best receiver in NFL history would perform with the Dolphins under the current circumstances, but it is hardly an environment that is built to thrive in. Whether or not it was necessary for Marshall to throw a parting shot at his old team is open to interpretation.

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