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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cam Newton Not Getting a High Life Endorsement Deal for His Attitude

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Cam Newton was easily one of the most buzz-worthy athletes who attended the NFL combine over the weekend. The former Auburn quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner became well known because of the scandal regarding his recruitment, which is still being investigated by the NCAA. All throughout the investigation, Cam remained calm and went out and won games, leading his team to a national championship.

After his profile began to grow because of the negative publicity and success of his team, Newton emerged as a true personality and rare college football star. Because they are only in school for four seasons at most and unable to film commercials, it’s hard to become a star as a college player, but it’s something that Cam was able to accomplish. Maybe it’s that confidence that he knows he’s a star, and that he’s able to win in the face of media scrutiny that makes Cam act the way he does. In short, he is one cocky dude who has people already questioning his character.

Though Cam Newton has already signed some endorsement deals, one for which he will be ineligible until he changes his attitude is a Miller High Life sponsorship. See, High Life is the official beer of you — the everyday working man — and they frown upon the attitude of guys like Cam. Guys like Cam who says “I see myself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and icon,” and who also says “I don’t want to sound arrogant but I did something in one year people couldn’t do in their whole collegiate careers,” is not what High Life is all about. Frankly, it’s not what most NFL teams like either.

But Cam can run a sub-4.6 40, has tremendous size and arm strength, and we’ve learned the guy can play and win. Those skills can make a team overlook nearly any flaw in one’s character. Just look at this guy’s career as evidence.

Here’s the deal: if Cam is going to be a subject we discuss the next 10 years — and that is fine with me — let’s try to make one thing clear, no more third person references like we saw during his combine news conference. Only one athlete is allowed to do the third person deal, and it’s Rickey Henderson. That style was retired when he retired. Got it, Cam? Until we see that change, the former Auburn QB will be ineligible for a High Life sponsorship.

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