Did First Take manipulate postgame video clip to make Cam Newton look bad?

Cam Newton postgameDid ESPN manipulate a clip of Cam Newton speaking in his postgame press conference on Sunday to make him look bad? It sure seems like it.

While watching “SportsNation” on ESPN Monday, I saw a video clip of Newton answering a question about Colin Kaepernick mocking him by doing the Superman celebration. The clip played on “First Take” earlier in the day, and it also aired on “SportsNation.”

In the clip, Newton is asked whether Kaepernick doing the Superman celebration bothered him.

“That’s not the first nor will it be the last time somebody does that,” Newton said.

Cam then said “umm” and “but” and was looking to see if anyone else had a question. It sounded like someone — most likely a PR director — said “thank you” to let Newton know he was excused and could leave. So Cam walked off the podium.

The way the clip was presented, it seemed like Cam walked out of the interview because he didn’t like the question about Kaepernick doing the celebration and that he was being a poor sport. But if you watch Cam’s entire postgame news conference on the Panthers website, you’ll see that that was the last question of a 10-minute long presser. Newton gave thoughtful, detailed comments to the reporters and was congratulatory of the Niners. He gave a fine postgame media session for someone whose season ended.

If that edited clip from ESPN lacking context was the only clip of Cam you saw, you probably walked away with the impression that Newton was bitter and has a bad attitude. In reality, he behaved in the completely opposite manner.

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  • bob

    Always hating on cam who is definitely a better player and man than kaepernick

  • Ben Burleson

    You can tell who the better man is simply by the way there dressed in the post game interview. Crapernick looks like some teenage thug grinning from ear to ear like he just got away with stealing a candy bar.

  • Daniel

    Funny thing is Newton was kicked out of school(UF) for stealing. The very thing you say kap look like he does, cam literally did it. I guess luckily for him he now has a nice suit so he can be a better man. Give me a break dude clothes are clothes. Some of the world worse ppl wear nice suits.

  • Ryan Palermo

    Is that why Kaepernick has the better stats, and the better playoff record at 4-1 compared to Cam’s 0-1? Not even mentioning off the field, Cam was caught cheating in Auburn whereas Kaepernick always has been known to give back the the community. You sir, are an idiot

  • Ryan Palermo

    Didn’t your mama ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover?

  • NAC

    I watched the press conference the day of the game. Definitely different than how ESPN showed the clip. Just goes to show you the media will spin anything the way they want to just to have a story to talk about. Those who have a preconceived notion of him will just take this and run with it. Pathetic piece of work by ESPN.

  • Tysan

    Dude, you are fcking idiot. If you think better stat make you a “better man” then you don’t know the last thing about what it take to be the “better man” or “man” for that matter. You need some work on your reading comprehension.

  • ronnie

    Cam wasnt caught doing nothing which is why he didnt recieve any punishment and as far as the playoffs look at 49ers roster then look at the panthers outside of steve smith what team do you think is better

  • Taihair Djehuty

    You must be a writer for First Take seeing as how you like to make up things as you go along. Cam Newton was never kicked out of school. He transferred out. He went to Blinn College because, NCAA rule, a player must sit out one year when they transfer. So it was better for him to go to a JC, also giving him more choices for transferring to D1’s

  • Tony__Montana

    I’m sure last week you didn’t say that. But if it makes that ass beating feel better than tell yourself that…

  • Ryan Palermo

    What the hell has Kaepernick done? Do you have any proof to the things you are saying or are you just talking out of your a$$?

  • Daniel

    yea because most big time players transfer to a power house school like blinn college. Yes technically he transferred but he was facing theft issues and academic issues. Most 5 star recruits go to jc because something bad happen not just to transfer. For example Isaiah crowell “decided to transfer” to alabama state from uga after being caught with a gun.

    To my knowledge colin never had issues at Nevada, while cam had tons of off field stuff . From what I stated previously to possibly being paid to go to auburn. I guess all this has gone away because he is personable and wear nice suits.

  • Taihair Djehuty

    And where’s a kid with no playing experience going to transfer too? What scholarship offers might he get? And if he does, will they be the schools they want? Blinn College..in texas. Tons of kids go to JC’s in Texas and in California for development because they have the best JC competition because of state size. 2ndly, in order to transfer, Cam would have had to sit out a whole year. NCAA rules. By going to Blinn, he could still play, create film, and then have his choice of schools to go to if he performed well.
    You can make up all the what if’s you want, but without FACTS, all you are doing is speculating. That’s not news, that’s gossip TV

  • ronnie

    how you gonna tell me what i said dude but whatever homie think what you want fag

  • Tony__Montana

    Oh you thought the Carolina Cheetahs were going to lose because they were less talented going in to the game. STFU you clown! Go eat some c0ckmeat sandwiches you HUMP!