Dez Bryant has meltdown on sidelines, flips out (GIF)

Not long after Dez Bryant was praised by us and nearly everyone else for his amazing touchdown catch on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, he was flipping out on everyone on the Dallas Cowboys sidelines.

Bryant had a major meltdown and began yelling at Tony Romo and many of the Cowboys coaches late in the third quarter. Bryant only had 2 catches for 22 yards including the touchdown to that point, so it’s possible he was upset that he wasn’t being targeted. However, Bryant did give Romo a hug after the Cowboys scored on a 60-yard touchdown to make it 20-10 in the fourth quarter, so maybe all was resolved in his mind.

Dez Bryant meltdown

Between his freak ability and polar behavior, he reminds us a lot of former Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens. Bryant later scored on a 50-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter to put Dallas up 27-17, so that probably made him feel a lot better.

Below is Bryant’s meltdown in GIF form, which really makes him look like a ranting lunatic:

Later in the game, Bryant was at it again. He was furious that the team blew a 30-24 lead in the final minute and was confronted by teammate Jason Witten:

GIF via Guyism, video via Throw the Flag

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  • SpinMax

    Meltdown? That’s passion.

  • Razahir Attikus Kain

    he had ever right to be pissed! the play calling cost us the game. How do you take Dez out at the end of the game? How can you put your play maker on the sideline like that and then put it back on the D to stop them yet again? 5 turnovers! five turnovers and we could barely manage ten points out of it! how many 3 and outs? our no-name D barely got a rest! pathetic!

  • Merlin Sotken

    because you dont pass the ball with a lead at the end of the game is why. dallas fans out of anyone should know how bad Romo is at throwing INTs late in games.

  • RadicalRighty

    Maybe somebody called his momma a hooker and his daddy a pimp. Oh wait . . .

  • DaBoyz

    The Cowboys weren’t playing to win, they were playing not to lose…. And STILL lost…. In last couple weeks, Romo broke and set new Records, by throwing the ball…. They barely threw anything out, and when they did, things got good…. The Play calling, was crap, Dez knew what was going on before the game ever ended….

  • artr2

    What??? The 100 million dollar man couldn’t get it done? AGAIN?? One wonders how Jerry Jones got so rich when he pays a third class QB first class money. You cowgirl fans are going to be so disappointed AGAIN when you do not make the playoffs AGAIN. Us cowgirl haters just love it when you lose AGAIN!!!!

  • Rhonda Hunt

    Tony Romo didn’t lose the game,cowboys scored 30 points and should have been enough to win, it was the defence once again that lost this game its all of Dallas wonderful defensive players who suck big time,no sacks no pressure on the quarter back(one sack all game long)can’t defend against the pass,lion receivers doing what ever they want when ever they want,they should pay them what they are worth which isn’t much about 3.98 per game maybe.—-Jim Hunt

  • Robert Wewnner

    Dez Bryant acted like a prima donna thinking of himself not the team. Totally unprofessional there is a time and place. He needs to grow up !