Dez Bryant takes aim at Skip Bayless for twisting his words

Dez BryantDez Bryant fired off a few tweets at Skip Bayless Wednesday to correct the ESPN host for twisting his words.

Bryant made headlines Tuesday for telling ESPN Dallas that he thinks he can reach 2,000 yards receiving in a season. Naturally, Bryant saying that 2,000 yards is a possibility led many people to believe he had predicted he would have a 2,000-yard season. The Cowboys receiver tried to set things straight over Twitter:

Bayless, to whom details are mere nuisances that interfere with his constant criticism, said the comments indicate Bryant is still immature.

The misinterpretation of his comments did not sit well with Bryant. He decided to try setting Bayless straight, which is often a pointless pursuit.

I never thought Bryant would be able to win a Twitter battle with a media member, but Bayless is just too easy of an opponent.

As for Bryant’s comments, considering Calvin Johnson just set the record with 1,964 receiving yards in an offense that threw the ball all the time, I think it would be very difficult for Bryant to crack 2,000 yards. He is darn good receiver, but putting up stats like that doesn’t seem to be realistic with all the other receiving talent on the Cowboys. Tony Romo can throw to Jason Witten or Miles Austin in addition to Dez. 2,000 yards may be a possibility, but it’s a tiny one.

Helmet smack to Jon Machota/Dallas Cowboys Blog

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