Female Reporter Outdoes Albert Haynesworth in Conditioning Test

We already told you about Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth failing his conditioning test for the second straight day on Friday. Haynesworth actually appears to be in pretty good shape, making me believe that Coach Mike Shanahan is intentionally trying to make Haynesworth look bad. I understand where Shanahan is coming from — he’s trying to assert his dominance after Haynesworth skipped the team’s minicamp.

So just how bad is the test Shanahan’s been putting Haynesworth through? Not so bad apparently, as FOX 5 reporter Lindsay Murphy can attest. Murphy decided to run the 300 yard shuttle runs (25 yards back and forth six times) to see how her times stacked up against Albert’s. Remember, Haynesworth has to complete the first 300 yard shuttle run in under 70 seconds and complete the second shuttle run in under 73 seconds with only a three minute break between sets. Murphy finished her first set in 68 seconds, besting Albert’s time. Not too bad for a reporter. Here’s the Lindsay Murphy conditioning video from MyFoxDC:

How Hard is Albert Haynesworth’s Conditioning Test? [MyFoxDC]

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  • http://none ObamaNation=Abomination

    Yeah, she beat Albert but she has no excess weight. For football purposes, are these tests necessary? Are the coaches saying that those who fail the tests will run out of gas in the 3rd or 4th quarter of a game.

  • http://www.pardontheopinion.com Dylan Murphy

    It seems like just punishment to me. If he wants to take $21 million dollars and skip mandatory workouts, the least Haynesworth could do is be in elite shape. Obviously he has a lot of extra weight, but for the money he’s making, he should be the best DT in football.

  • Luke Green

    That girl is stupid. She shouldn’t be trying to out do a 300+ man in a conditioning drill its stupid. Lets see how she matches up with Albert on the line if your going to compare her against what Albert does best. However if your a skinny girl and YOU BARELY BEAT A 300 pound MAN!!!!!!! I think its her thats pathetic.