Geno Smith reportedly fired agents because he wasn’t top overall pick in draft

No player in the 2013 NFL Draft seemed more disappointed with their draft position than former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. Many considered Smith to be the best player in the draft at his position, but several NFL teams disagreed. He slid out of the first round and was selected by the New York Jets with the 39th overall pick. As a result, he has fired his agents.

According to Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News, Smith believed he should have been the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. His agents from Select Sports Group reportedly did not assure him that he would be the first player selected, but Smith has left the agency anyway. He will have to wait five days before hiring another agent.

It was hardly a secret that Smith was crushed when he did not hear his name called on Thursday. He had his family with him and was introduced with some of the other top prospects prior to the start of the draft, so he had to have been embarrassed. After the first round, he claimed he would not be coming back to Radio City Music Hall for the second round. He later changed his mind, possibly because of some words of encouragement from Aaron Rodgers.

Naturally, Twitter is now buzzing about how perfect Smith is for the Jets. The fact that he fired his agents because no team wanted him badly enough to spend a first-round pick on him shows how highly Smith thinks of himself. That should make him a nice fit in New York.

Photo Credit: James Lang-US PRESSWIRE

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  • scott edgmand

    I think everyone knows what the future holds. For Geno Smith. Its crazy to think that the NFL owes these kids something. Geno firing is agent because he wasn’t the first overall. Talk About take my toy and go home.
    But after his embarrassing pouting sessions at his table that We all kinda knew. We haven’t seen the last of his tantrums.There were over 200 draftee’s at the draft how many stomped there feet and cried after they didn’t get what they wanted? One Geno Smith. Well hopefully we’ll never see him play and he will just fade away the NFL is a man’s league. The way Geno Smith act he’s most suited for pop warner.