Giants Targeted Kyle Williams Because of His Concussion History

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams handed the NFC Championship Game to the Giants with two turnovers on punt returns. Williams, the son of White Sox GM Ken Williams, was filling in for the injured Ted Ginn Jr. as the team’s punt returner. Two Giants players said after their win that they targeted him because of his concussion history.

“The thing is, we knew he had four concussions, so that was our biggest thing, was to take him outta the game,” said Jacquian Williams, who forced the second fumble.

Devin Thomas recovered both fumbles and said the same thing.

“He’s had a lot of concussions. We were just like, ‘We gotta put a hit on that guy,’ ” Thomas said. “(Tyler) Sash did a great job hitting him early and he looked kind of dazed when he got up. I feel like that made a difference and he coughed it up.”

Did Williams make a bad decision to be around the ball on the first return because he was woozy? And is that the reason he lost the second punt? It’s hard to say. We do know there’s at least another reason for his poor showing. Williams’ father says his son thinks he separated his shoulder in the third quarter. Neither man wants sympathy; Kyle felt he could get the job done.

Kyle Williams is a huge reason why the 49ers lost, but he’s not the only reason. I just hope the death threats and animosity from 49ers fans ends. There is no need for that.

And for the record, Williams was concussed in Week 16 and missed the season finale because of it. He told reporters earlier this month that it was his fourth concussion.

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  • Anonymous

    its  just a game. we live in a sick society to thraten somebody just becase he did poorly in a game. if these fans had a bad day at work do they expect that their boss or co-workers should kill them. SICK SICK SICK

  • Gina Gallo

    The horrible thing in this article is that no one is judging the two Giants players who admittedly went after a man because of the amount of concussions that he has had. In a game where the dangerous side effect of multiple concussions are coming to light, should we encourage that kind of behavior? I understand the fact that football is a violent game, but you would think that fellow players (regardless of team) would not openly admit and be proud of further injuring another player. How would they feel being on the other end? This is bad sportsmanship on the field and off.

    As for the fans with the death threats, there is no reason for a fan to turn into a “fanatic”. Death threats are taking the game a bit too seriously. Also, I think that you should only get to be that upset/violent if you also have: tried out for the NFL, gotten onto a team and made it to the Playoffs with that team. It’s easy to judge when you’re not out there on the field. Give the guy a break- he gave 100% and as a true fan- you should be with your team  win or LOSE. It’s not an either/or proposition when you’re a fan. It’s like marriage- you’re in it for the long haul.

  • Anonymous

    I am a Giants fan, however for our 2 players to even think and then spoke openly about going after Williams due to the concus. history, I am appauld!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gerald-Schor/1549456506 Gerald Schor

    On neither of the critical plays did any Giants player go for a head shot.  As a matter of fact, Williams was not even touched when the ball hit his knee, resulting in the muffed punt.  As to the second fumble, the ball was knocked out of his hands legally, and again he was not hit.  If the Giants are saying they targeted him, they sure didn’t do much about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000757297958 Nick Rodriguez

    You guys are idiots. so if he had the ball and you knew by hitting him you could give him a concussion you would just let him run by you? if he was injured why was he playing to begin with? It’s a game and you guys are just proving how soft the NFL is becoming…It’s turning into a girl sport

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W2BVODMMI2KJX2OS57JDQQ2WLI Sport

    He definitely sucked on Sunday, but make no mistake. The Giants beat us. 
    I dont want to hear about injuries to shoulders or concussions, blah blah blah. 
    Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda. Giants won, we lost. 

    Every player on every team is hurt in some way at this point in the season. It’s football. Blaming this kid is natural for his mistakes (and all the couch qb’ing going on.) Threatening him is just stupid.

  • http://twitter.com/PokerNinjaAtl Shin

    Honestly, I see nothing wrong with attacking someones weakness. Because if there was any question of health, then the 49ers are responsible for Kyle Williams being able to go. It is a violent sport! That is why the people here don’t play! If I have a stout RB coming at me full speed and I have to tackle him, and I know that he has bad knees, you better f’n believe that I am going low and takingt his knees out. People today have become way too sensitive, we are talking about atlhetes that play this sport for a rediculous amount of money. If you are worried about concussions, then you shouldn;’t play!

  • Jason Schneider

    spelling, man….

  • Anonymous

    a-pauled ?? heheheeh