Giants’ website says Giants won Super Bowl (Picture)

It looks like somebody with the Giants jumped the gun. The message you see above appeared briefly on the Giants’ team site Saturday afternoon, calling the Giants the Super Bowl champs. There also reportedly was a link to Super Bowl champion merchandise for fans to purchase. That of course is no surprise — two versions of championship merchandise is always made — one for each team. The team that wins gets to wear their gear while the losing team’s merchandise is usually sent to a foreign country.

The question persists: Was this a good or bad omen for the Giants?

Screengrab via Jeff Frias

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  • http://www.consumerproducts4all.blogspot.com Sanford Hall

    Atleast the site is accurate, I love the fact that they have the confidence. Let’s face it, the Patriots have no defense therefore, they will not be able to stop the Giants. Defense win games. The Patriots played very poorly the 2 games they played in the playoffs and should or should I say lost that Ravens game.

    Brady and the Pats cannot withstand the fearless rush of the Giants defensive line. So let’s salute the Giants as the 2012 Superbowl Champs. Brady would have choked in his last 2 superbowl making him less impressive.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t gonna go well. Remember all the premature 19-0 stuff?