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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Jay Cutler is smoking and wearing wig in great ’80s outfit (Picture)

Jay Cutler zubaz

Jay Cutler is turning 30 on Monday, and it looks like he and fiancee Kristin Cavallari began the celebration early.

Cavallari tweeted out the picture you see above on Saturday evening, calling Cutler “sooo sexy.” She also said they were throwing an ’80s-themed birthday party for the quarterback.

Ordinarily we’d clown on Cutler for looking goofy, but he’s actually (sort of) growing on us. How can you not love the wig, cigarette, bracelet, chain, pink sneakers, and amazing shirt and pants? The best part is the way he poked fun at himself for the whole “Jay Cutler is smoking” meme that took over the Internet (and yes, the cigarette is fake and just a prop, in case you were wondering).

Awesome costume, have fun tonight, kids.

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