LaDainian Tomlinson Is a Poor Sport

Despite touting himself as a classy person and growing into the role as the face of the NFL, LaDainian Tomlinson has now proved for the second time that he is a poor sport. The first time was when he called the Patriots classless after losing to them in the playoffs. And now comes the second incident. As I posted at FanHouse, LT made some comments that he wasn’t surprised by allegations that the Patriots cheat. Now that his Chargers lost to the Patriots, Tomlinson has backed off the comments:

The New England Patriots reportedly used LaDainian Tomlinson’s comments earlier this week as motivation. But Tomlinson said last night he did not regret saying, “The Patriots live by the rule, ‘If you’re not cheating you’re not trying.'”

Said Tomlinson: “If you take it personally, then there must be a problem. Everyone knows I was kind of joking.”

Right, easy to say you’re kind of joking now that your squad got embarrassed on Sunday. I think that’s weak on LT’s part. He seems so gracious and classy when things go his way, but comes off as such a poor sport when his team loses. That’s too bad.

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  • chris

    So he called the Pats on their shit and he’s the poor sport? Interesting perspective…

    Was he not supposed to answer questions about his earlier comments? How is that poor sportsmanship?

  • Greg


    Where was LT’s commentary when the Chargers drafted Castillo after the kid got busted (then confessed) with steroids? How about when his teammate Merriman got suspended for the same offense? Oops, must have been filming his Nike commercial.

    Oh, and the reason he thought the Pats were classless? They were imitating the same “hey, look at me” shit the Chargers had been doing all year.

    LT, how does that big bowl of hypocrasy taste?

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  • Gene

    Come off it, Chris:

    Merriman’s sack dance is much more classless than anything the Pats did in the playoffs, yet LT kept his mouth shut. He obviously cannot take losing and hasn’t learned to channel his feelings into a more positive outlet.

    If he made the “cheating” comment, then he should live by it and stick with it, like so many other people are. To half back off indicates that either he shoots his mouth off or he’s afraid that the Pats will use his latest comment for more bulletin board material the next time they play.

    Jim Brown was stopped several times in his career by the NY Giants, and never mouthed off or made excuses. He just went out there and got them the next time. LT, if he aspires to be the greatest, could learn from that.

  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Not mentioned – Laurence Maroney has been eying LT’s truck on eBay.

  • matt

    lt can not handle losing. and that is not a bad thing. but a true sportsman handles with class and does not lash out on the other team. as said before merriman and his lights out dance is worse than what the pats did in the playoffs. o my god a team celebrated after winning? thats a first. lt needs to get over himself. and people who think he is the greatest need to think about jim brown, walter payton and barry sanders. jim brown for obvious reasons, walter was sweetness. and for barry…he had no qb, no offensive line, and no defense. he just did everything with the little to nothing he had. barry would eat lt alive as would jim brown and walter. lt just shut up and learn how to lose with grace

  • Adam

    LT and his posturing after the game did not bother me as much as not at least cheering on his team. You may sit on the bench but a real teammate cheers and yells and TRYs to give where ever he can. I may not like Rivers but at least the dude cheers every play he is not in no matter if it is the special teams, the D or Billy Volek.

  • Big Matt

    L.T. is a great player and a great competitor. However, last year I began to suspect that he L.T. a poor sport. He has made a few eyebrow raising comments. This year I’ve seen him on two separate occasions get in the faces of defensive players after big defensive plays which were follows by celebrations. I believe that he believes that there is a lot of wrong doing within the league and that the league’s participants lack class. He also believes that these individuals should be confronted. He doesn’t understand that his actions do not shed light on all the wrong doings of the league. His actions simply make him look angry and spoiled. I’m not sure about what can be done to stop the league’s antics, but his approach is not the way.

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