LenDale Unloads on Pete Carroll, USC

Remind me not to ever piss off LenDale White. It seems as if media outlets across the country are itching to get some time with the unemployed former USC star who’s become the Sarah Palin/Joe Biden of the sports world; he might not actually be doing much lately, but, jeez the guy is going is always good for a few soundbites, isn’t he? LenDale finally spent time as a guest on Clay Travis’ show on 104-5 the Zone in Nashville to talk several issues. When discussing Athletic Director Mike Garrett’s pleas of ignorance regarding many of USC’s violations, LenDale was dismissive, saying:

“I don’t want to bad mouth nobody, but as big as this scale is and as much as they (the NCAA) saying somebody took, for you not to know anything is kind of unbelievable to me. I don’t know. If you’re the athletic director I’m pretty sure you get wind of something, that somebody’s put something in your ear. When I was going to school there, and we were partying too much on campus, coaches could show up at our dorm room and tell us to calm the partying down. But you can’t tell if somebody took a $750,000 home? I don’t know. It’s weird to me.”

Don’t think that LenDale let his former USC head coach Pete Carroll off the hook either. Much like Taylor Mays’ complaint after the draft, LenDale doesn’t think Carroll was up front with him regarding his release from the Seahawks:

“I was shocked. I’m still shocked. I would figure if there was a problem or anything needed to be said or done, that my old coach would grab me to the side and whisper something in my ear and tell me step it up or do something different. I would figure that.”

“Thursday (the day before the release) when I was leaving practice, Pete Carroll hugged me and told me everything was going well. I thought everything was fine. I went to Vegas, just having fun for Memorial Day weekend and then I get a call Friday morning telling me they’re going in another (direction). I never really got an explanation.”

“I actually called Pete and asked Pete what was going on. Pete never knows why anything, right? Pete, he beat around the bush. He just said it wasn’t going to work out. He didn’t really give me an answer. He didn’t give me a clear explanation.”

I can definitely understand White’s anger and frustration, but he also put himself in this situation. Ever since he was missing pre-draft interviews with the press, he’s had a reputation or being lackadaisical and lazy. That’s why, of course, White was booted into the second round of the 2006 draft even though many scouts felt that he had better pro potential than Bush. Getting yourself in line for a suspension by smoking pot in the off-season also probably didn’t help his reputation with anyone in the NFL, outside of Ricky Williams.

Regardless, remind me not to piss him off. Or if I do, remind me to roll him up a J immediately afterward.

LenDale White On USC Probation, Pete Carroll’s Trust, & More [104-5 The Zone]
White Speaks [LA Daily News/Inside USC]

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  • JS

    If LenDale had been in better physical condition in the 2006 Rose Bowl game, he would have had the stamina to have gotten that extra yard on 4th and 1 and USC would be stripped of two BCS championships.

    Funny how everybody at USC knew or should have known about Reggie except LenDale, who was probably as close to him as any player on that team.

    At least when Reggie’s role on the Saints was reduced he was smart enough to accept it and got a Super Bowl ring. Or does he have to give that back, too?

  • HMC

    That quote about Carroll not pulling him aside and telling him to step it up is very indicative. This is the same guy (Carroll) put his hands around his neck to taunt a kicker in the NFL after missing a field goal when he was an assistant with the Jets. Carroll is a classless douche bag and this little insight into White’s former coach just goes to show it a little more.

    ESPN and others fell in love with his hype while he was running all over the Pac 10, but failed to spot the character defects as they appeared. Twice under Carroll, USC left the field without shaking hands with the opposing team. One was a loss and the other a close win. A team is a reflection of it’s coach and it’s no coincidence it happened twice under Carroll.

  • http://www.h2hfantasysports.com Antwan

    Can’t say I blame LenDale for being a little ticked off with Carroll. He was only with the Seahawks for a month when he was released. You would think Carroll would give a guy who was instrumental in winning him a National Championship, at least, a chance to prove himself during training camp. I think White being released the way he was, caught everyone off-guard.

  • chad

    USC hasn’t been stripped of any championships. They have the honor of being the only team to go 0-12 or something and win the BCS…..twice

  • Sunne

    Will any other team attempt to bring White to camp now or is he finished in the NFL?

  • bobHaltzman

    What a putz, real class act..for a guy who does drugs and lacks the will power to devote himself to playin a childs game for millions he sure does have a lot of smack to talk..

  • Patrick

    Guys like Lendale tend to not remember the good things someone did for them. Pete was called by many people when Lendale was drafted. He gave glowing reviews. Lendale earned his reputation by being a me person and not listening to anyone who gave him feedback.
    It appears he is burning all his bridges. He has no future.
    I would not want to be his agent.

  • James

    Oh please, why should a coach have to tell a professional athlete anything about his performance? He shows up overweight and the coach was trying to do him a favor by getting him a roster spot while hoping that he could return his former college player back to his glory days of old. The GM and owner probably saw how lazy White is notorious for and they cornered Carroll and informed him just as they said; this is just not going to work out. That’s why it’s called PROFESSIONAL football, it’s a total business. Take it personal if you want, but you are just not cutting it and we don’t see a future for you here where we pay you money to be overweight and non-productive.

  • http://www.jefffulmer.com/ Jeff

    I’m from Nashville and listened to that interview on 104.5 and it didn’t sound like LenDale was out to get Carrol or even had an axe to grind. He was being asked questions and answering them a little more truthfully than if he was still on the payroll. In fact, he said quite a few nice things about how the Titans let him go. (And the Titans can be brutal in that department). I’m not a LenDale fan and can’t stand USC, but this interview wasn’t a bitter ex-player playing “gotcha.” He was just being honest (‘getting cut was very humbling and embarrassing,’ etc.), which was refreshing.

  • Mr. Certified

    More media hype by By Black Jack. This is what media news, Tv, radio etc. say sells. It is more prevelent to show bad news than good news by sport players.

    Even if Lendale was sounding off a little, tell me any one who is lat go from a job will have something good to say about it. Only a honest person will keep it real and admit to thier own faults.

    USC, Pete, Lendale, Reggie, and Matt all can take some blame with what happen.

    I will be glad to see the day when positive things are written about players instead of all the negative things.

  • pete

    USC won only one BCS title, the other was a worthless AP title which means jack shit. Pete Carroll is a classless a hole like every other USC fan and they deserve each other.

  • Jerry

    Although have not heard this radio interview and take very little as reported by the media to be factual, Ifind nothing in this piece to indicate White bashed anyone. Any person, who is told by his employer that everything is going good would react the same way as White did.
    Now for all you out there who wish to restate the obivious media spin
    Overweight , out of shape etc … got news for you … give it up
    this quote says it all
    “he also put himself in this situation. Ever since he was missing pre-draft interviews with the press, he’s had a reputation or being lackadaisical and lazy.” that is the media getting back at a player for not bowing to their wishes

  • http://www.netword.yardbarker.com Bill C.

    I support White’s position on his comments about P. Carroll. Carroll is a no body gutless coach. He left USC because he knew what was comming down on them. He, USC, their fans are All cry babies. IMO they did not get all they deserved over the R. Bush issue. They got off light because they are USC. The NCAA should of given them “death penalty” like they gave SMU. The reason they didn’t is because they are USC. They are now filing to get their penalty reduced and will probably get their wish. As for as R. Bush he and his family is nothing but scum bags. Taking something they knew was against the NCCA rules. They should have to pay all the money back and his Heisman Trophy taken away from him. This want happen either because he is R. Bush and went to USC. The NCAA has no guts to do the job they are supposed to do. Any other college football program would of gotten the “Death Penalty”.

  • http://None Tre

    Yes Pete Carroll is a jerk, he’s always looked like, to me anyways, he was getting away with something, others said that he’s happy because he was winning. Which is true, now we know it’s from him winning, and getting away with something!

    Totally classless bolting from USC to sidestep penalties from his own doing.

    Bush, you need to man up admit your wrong doings, I personally wouldn’t hold it against him as much if he’d owned up, who wouldn’t take money for yourself, and your family? God know’s I would, BUT it’s another story when you’re pretty much all but guaranteed MILLIONS over the next 10 or so years! You and your family “suffered” through the first 18-20 years of your life, what’s 2 or 3 more?

    Finally, LenDale, I have no problem with him venting on USC, the AD, and Shady Carroll, but don’t act like you had no idea either, the starting 2 RB’s never are around each other? BS, I suppose Leinart knew nothing either?

    LenDale, you do know why this is all happening to you? Because, obviously Myron Cope did not forgive you for defiling the Terrible Towel, the curse stays until Cope says it doesn’t!!!

  • mel

    someone will pick him up.thats the way the nfl works.kill someone,but if you can make that third and one,you’ll be playing.

  • mel

    he’s bitter for being cut and when september rolls around and he’s not play’in he’s gonna be very bitter! and he’ll tear down everyone from usc to the towel boy in tenn.he’s just holding his tongue till,he needs to make headlines.he will not disappoint with the whining.

  • mel

    pete carroll give usc what it wanted for years,a top 10 team,and back on top of the pac-10.no one said anything when he was on top.clean or dirty no one said a word.now heres a spoon and eat up!

  • Frank

    The AP title means jack-shit? Cmon Pete. Please tell me your really not that dumb. The AP has been around way longer than the BCS. It chose to recognize its own National Champion. The way it had been doing for decades. The AP title is much more prestegious than the BCS title. I bet your a Notre Dame fan and your just a hater. Why dont you go stink finger your mom again and go have another inbred baby.


    What happened at USC has happened at other schools, but when a school starts to win at a impressive rate, all of a sudden the NCAA starts to get interested, a school like USC is expected to win at all cost due to wealthy supporters& illumni. The NCAA itself has a different set of rules for big schools and smaller schools, that is that if a kid is good enough to play at a big school , they must keep their GPA within a 3.oo range and pass required tests to be granted admission which is good, they get what is referred a full ride. I have a grandson who is good enough to play at a division one school, but his grades are not where they, the division one schools would like, so he must take an offer from a smaller school, according to NCAA rules, smaller schools cannot offer a kid a full ride even if they are able to do so financially.

  • Ray Montoya

    Ledale White has always been lazy since elemetary school. All those titles he got in little league football was pretty much given to his team by the referees which were from his side of town. Ledale cried a lot and complained then and now.