Merril Hoge: Tim Tebow as ‘phony as a three dollar bill’

tim-tebow-jetsESPN NFL analyst Merril Hoge has been one of the most vocal Tim Tebow detractors since the former Heisman Trophy winner entered the NFL, and he laid into the Jets quarterback on Monday in response to the report that Tebow asked out of the Wildcat package.

During “SportsCenter” on Monday, Hoge was part of a roundtable discussion that included Adam Schefter and Ron Jaworski. After a year of not having much negative to say about Tebow, Hoge got his chance to rip the quarterback.

“I think he’s phony as a three dollar bill,” Hoge said of Tebow. “At the end of the day, what have I heard? That he would do anything at any time. ‘You ask me to do it, I’ll do it.’ All of a sudden now it’s ‘I want to play quarterback or I’m not going to play Wildcat’? There shouldn’t even be this story coming.

“He said ‘I’ll do anything for the team.’ That’s all I’ve ever heard about him. I think shows what he’s really about.”

Hoge also cautioned the Jacksonville Jaguars, who reportedly are expected to sign Tebow to compete for their starting quarterback job.

“He is not going to win for the Jacksonville Jaguars. All he will do is set the franchise back further if that is a possible feat,” Hoge said. “This organization is down as far as you can get. The last person they need is a guy like this now that we’re starting to see his true colors.”

That’s as harsh of an assessment of Tebow one can have. I think we learned this week that Tebow is a person who can get upset, frustrated, or disappointed over promises that go unfulfilled, just like anybody else. We saw that he isn’t the model teammate the way he has made us believe, and that was pretty shocking.

I would also like to point out that Hoge is a phony as well. Hoge was so critical of Tebow last year that even LeBron James jumped in to defend the quarterback. Hoge was one of those people who said Tebow would never work in the NFL because he couldn’t throw well enough. But as soon as Tebow came in and led Denver on a six-game winning streak, Hoge was done criticizing him. Hoge even admitted he had come around on Tebow at that time. So for Hoge to criticize Tebow, then change his opinion after he was successful, and then go back to ripping him, also makes him a fraud.

Don’t forget what a phony Hoge is too for flip-flopping on Tebow last season instead of sticking to his original opinion.

H/T USA Today

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  • Kevin Haber

    When tebow was winning Hoge said its because the Offensive line is doing well, not the QB, he never supported tebow even after some wins in Denver.

  • Gene

    I cannot agree with you, LB.  Tebow is a very fine self promoter hiding behind his religion.  Before he was a starter in Denver, he never asked his fans to take down the billboards asking for him to start.  That caused dissension within the team and helped undermine Kyle Orton. 

    Hoge is correct in listing all of the Tebow quotes about doing whatever he can to help the team and then asking out of the wildcat when the Jets chose McElroy over him.  Gee, I could swear Denver jumped Tebow over Brady Quinn and Quinn never went public and asked out.

    Now that so many teams are running the option read with real dual threats like Russell Wilson and RG3, defenses have seen more of it and Tebow will not be fooling as many people as he did during his brief  streak of luck in Denver.

  • ocb2

    Hoge is a LOSER……..He is envious and jealous of Tebow. It sounds childish but Hoge either has a man-crush on Tebow and refuses to admit it or secretly wishes he has what Tebow has…..namely, the admiration of many football and non-football fans alike, being well respected in the community, being considered a role model by many parents and kids alike, being humble. Hoge is none of these things. No parent is telling their kid grow up to be like Hoge, no girl is saying Hoge is such a great honest guy…..Hoge is JEALOUS, and like all jealous idiots he has made himself again look like a fool.  

    Tebow could have gone to Jacksonville, the JETS sold him a line of BS about having a role fro him but they never followed through. They wanted Tebow to gain weight, he did. Run the Wildcat- he did. Play special teams- he did. Tebow’s a winner, as in Hesiman and National Championship…….Hoge is a loser I will no longer watch. Bring back Salsbury.

  • ocb2

    Hiding behind his religion?  Tebow is out in the open about his faith, he is a great role model for parents and kids alike. The JETS said they had a place for him, they didn’t. The Jets lied. They asked Tebow to gain weight, he did. Asked Tebow to run the Wildcat, he did. Asked Tebow to play special teams, he did. 


    The fact remains that Denver was terrible before Tebow was given the starting job.  Afterward, they won several games and beat Pittsburgh (#1 defense) in the playoffs.


    Hoge is a very marginal sports personality.  His attacks on tebow are designed to generate attention to himself.  He is an attention whore and this is his only way to remain employed in a business with far better and more interesting football analysts.  His own career was even more marginal than is skills as an alayst.  That is what makes his attacks on Tebow all the more ironic.  Hoges career stats add up to less than one good season of work from a 1st tier RB.  Tebow has generated much better production as a running back than did Hoge did even though Tebow’s primary role is as QB.


    Hoge’s primary issue with tebow is that another conservative Christian group outed Hoge as a gay athlete.  Hoge has has a bone to pick with Christians in general…

  • Gene

     Maybe Tebow’s lousy QB play was the reason the Jets changed their mind.  It is still no excuse to let your team and teammates down when you claim to be a great and pious guy.  He refused to play but I am sure he did not refuse his paycheck. 

    Besides every NFL team changes its mind or “lies” to players about future events.  For instance, do you really think Matt Flynn signed with Seattle without expecting to start?

  • Tac Rancher

    Heisman winner, rookie season takes his team to the playoffs, dealt off for Manning and stuffed in play as a relief “RB”. NFL polotics here? We are not all that stupid, right? Tebow has not had a chance to prove nothing since Denver. If Tebow goes to a REAL team, Hoge will have his answer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Baggelaarjack Jack Baggelaar

    merril hoge is a jackass.should have let mike ditka kick his ass on live tv last year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Baggelaarjack Jack Baggelaar

    i never heard of merril hoge so please tell me,what was he so great at?for him to berate tebow who has accomplished more than hoge in high school than hoge has his whole life.

  • chocolatelabby

    FIRE HOGE !  He just hates tebow…enough said!   You can tell by all his facial expressions.  he is a sore loser and that’s why Cowher let him go!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1070490417 Bob D’Alessio

    Merrill Hoge is an egg-sucking tool who obviously had one too many concussions!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B3VSAHTSBNVMINKIYU6QL3KG6I Mike

    I agree, Tim Tebow has more guts and courage than a “phony” like Merrill Hoge.  From what I can tell Hoge can’t even get his facts straight.  If he wants to show the courage Time Tebow has shown, he should just come out and say ” I don’t Like Tim Tebow because he is a better man than I am”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6UYVX23XIL663ZNEFA475GYOMM roe

     I would rather believe Tebow’s version of events, we all know how the media twist things to their advantage

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T7ECJWHLWDL6YDYY5BEQ627QXQ me

    This is typical of most all of our media these days. I’m fed up with everyone in the sports media who has bashed this young man for his integrity and beliefs. So he’s not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. That I know, he’s never claimed to be. Here is a genuine role model for kids to look up to, and our media sets out to destroy him every chance they get. Why? Merrill Hoge, you’re obviously non fact finding hack like the rest of our media has become. You might want to start getting your “facts” straight before you open your mouth. Tim Tebow has nothing to prove to anyone. Especially you Mr. Hoge. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004865708234 Dan Conner

    Seriously Gene….are you one of those people that believe EVERYTHING the media tells you?  I doubt you know Tebow as a person, so you  attacking him with your comments is just as ridiculous as hoge doing it.  Be productive in life and look for the positives.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UOXTRMBLWUMTEJCW76AVO4MPTI Kyle

    Morals are something which offend Mr. Hoge.  I worked his football camp in the 90s.  He would vanish from time to time during check in and check out.  It was well known to everybody there that he was taking mothers of campers ( married women and he was a married man) back to his room.  One of the coaches who had worked several years with him called him a whore.  Its my opinion that Tebow is something Hoge could never be.



  • ocb2

    We learned this week that Tebow told Rexy that he wanted to play the QB position, great. I want a player who wants to play. Hoge and the media got the story wrong, no surprise there. We don’t know how Tebow would have been with the jets, he never played. We do know he took a losing denver team last year to the playoffs by being a great player and leader. We also know Tebow one a playoff game last year. Rexxy and Sanchez, not so much

  • maltal77

    I don’t understand the hatred this jack ass has against Tim tebow. If he sucks as much as Hoge says he does, why is he even a blip on his radar? I don’t get going out of your way to completely hate on an individual that according to hoge does not matter! Well obviously to you, hoge, he does matter, because your the one that always seems to be talking about him. His hatred makes me sick.

  • BaldheadedFoo

    Merill Hoge calls Tebow “phony as a three dollar bill”  Yet isn’t this the same man who just about three years ago was completely bald-headed, slick and shiney as a brand new cue ball?  Now, he wears a TOUPEE!!!!  Ok, who’s really the one phoney as a three dollar bill????

  • Nick

    Dear Merrill:
    Always good to hear from one of our “liberal ” progressive” “open minded” bigots in the crowd

  • Nick