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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pacman is Free

It was a big day in the life of Titans cornerback Pacman Jones Thursday.  He received the good news that his misdemeanor assault case for allegedly spitting on a woman at a club was dismissed.  The case was thrown out after the judge found too many holes in the woman’s case.  Apparently the accuser’s credibility was drawn into question:

“Jones said that he was asked for $50,000 by Webb’s personal lawyer, Michelle Best, the judge said a “credibility problem” surfaced.”

Additionally, the accuser’s testimony that “Jones was drunk, burning and throwing paper, throwing ice cubes and throwing money at the nightclub” was debunked.  Here was Pacman’s response

“All that was made up. That was in their act. I guess they did what they had to do to try to get some money instead of working hard like I do for my money.”

Hey I know this is a big day for the Pacman camp, maybe he can use the 50 large to buy his cadillac back, but the case also presents another point – it seems as if the accusers in this case were attempting a money-grab from a professional athlete. Just a few months prior to the night of the aforementioned incident, Pacman was accused of spitting in the face of a woman who he believed stole his wallet at a club.

Come on girls, couldn’t you have come up with something new, or at least something more creative than a repeat spitting offense?  As for Pacman, grow up, you’re a professional making a lot of money, act like it.  Even though he says he has, I doubt it.

“I learned a lot, just watch where I go, watch the people that I am around.  I’m a bigger target now than I was before this incident so now I really have to watch where I go.”

Pacman – you should watch out, because I know I’ll be on the lookout. 

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