Parcells Pulling ‘The Player’ Crap Again

We’ve been over this before back when the Tuna was in charge of Dallas. He obviously clashed with Terrell Owens, which isn’t much of a shocker given the way T.O. behaved in previous stops at Philly and Baltimore (never amounted to be a stop). Even with the way T.O. destroyed the Eagles — which he did — I’m not quite sure Owens deserved the lack of respect he was given by his head coach. Parcells never referring to him by name, but as “The Player,” was a childish game that probably wasn’t necessary. And now that Parcells is gone, T.O. had a great year and has been rewarded with a superb contract, and he hasn’t even been a problem. Well, looks like The Tuna never learned his lesson since he’s up to the same tricks again:

In his interview with The Palm Beach Post (and in other quotes that have been published so far) he didn’t mention Taylor by name, instead referring to him as “the player,” just as he did with Owens two years ago.

“We’re not actively trying to trade the player, I can tell you that,” Parcells said. “We have never been actively trying to trade the player. We’re not trying to do that.”

Associated Press reporter Tim Reynolds said during his 30-minute interview Parcells called Taylor “the player” once and otherwise didn’t name him at all.

See, I missed this part of the story. I knew that yesterday Parcells kissed and made up, if not because he realized his errant ways, but maybe because he realized it would provide him more trade leverage if it appeared Taylor would play with the Dolphins this year. Why I ask, why must he call him “The Player?” How disrespectful is that? What’s the reason for it? Taylor’s priorities may not be in line with the team’s current mission and that of the younger players, but he’s still the franchise player. Give him the respect he’s due and at least name him by name. That’s weak Parcells, weak.

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  • Gene

    Parcells is the most notorious spin master in pro football. He plants rumors and stories in the media all the time and then denies them, citing unsubstantiated rumors started by the media.

    At first he did it to further his personal financial situation. The Parcells to Atlanta deal is the latest of many examples of that.

    Now he is doing a number on Jason Taylor, claiming that he never intimated that Jason wasn’t wanted by the Dolphins. In the meantime, he refers to him as “the player” and will certainly trade him for a second or third round draft choice without blinking an eye.

    Parcells is one of the most disingenuous people in pro sports and people should stop kissing his ass and begin calling him an ass.

  • SpinMax

    All that matters is he will turn that team around.

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