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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Takeo Spikes Will Miss Not Being Able to Eat Barbecue Raccoon in San Diego

Linebacker Takeo Spikes signed with the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday, the first day free agents were able to join new teams. Spikes is eager to put on the powder blue uniforms in San Diego and said GM A.J. Smith was eager to bring him in. Though Takeo is excited to play for the Chargers, there is one issue he’s facing. Spikes told Darren Smith on Double X Sports in San Diego that he’ll miss not having barbecue raccoon.

“If mom comes out to San Diego for Christmas time, she’s famous for having barbecue raccoon,” Spikes told Smith. “We usually only have that when I played on the East Coast. I haven’t been able to get that since I’ve been on the West Coast.”

Spikes, who is from Georgia, says it’s a Southern food. He’s played in Cincinnati, Buffalo, Philly, and San Francisco, so it wasn’t until recently that he hasn’t been able to enjoy the delicacy.

Takeo also explained the reason he signed with San Diego, saying “I always felt that they were close.” He added that Philip Rivers was a big factor in his decision. “You don’t have a chance to win if you don’t have a quarterback back there.”

Even though Spikes is 34 years old, he says his tires are balanced and rotated and that he has plenty of tread left. He also predicted the Chargers would win a Super Bowl so he’s even more confident about their chances now that he’s part of them.

Takeo has yet to make the playoffs during his 14-year career, but that should all finally change now that he’s a Charger.

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