Is This the End of the Road for ‘The Player?’ Who Will Dare Sign Him?

Word came down late Wednesday night, and kudos to the boys at ESPN for picking this one up, that Terrell Owens would be released by the Cowboys. I guess it’s fair to say that Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Jason Garrett, Roy Williams, et al won the battle now that “the player” has finally been released. I’m sure it was a tough move for Jerruh to make considering the amount of money and emotion he invested in TO the player.

I know a lot of people would like to say that this will solve the ‘Boys problems and that T.O. was the problem, but I’m not so sure about that. The team was 13-3 two years ago and looking very strong. They just happened to get beat by a Giants team that went on to win the Super Bowl. This year, it was a combination of Romo’s pinkie injury and their difficult schedule down the stretch that did them in. Honestly, I will not call the T.O. project a failure — I really don’t think the Cowboys failed all things considered. I think they were actually successful with TO and that he played pretty darn well. Had Romo not been injured (or had they a better backup) they would have made the playoffs and a lot of problems would have been solved. It also didn’t help that ESPN made it their personal goal to break apart the team, either.

Now, onto larger issues moving forward, is this the end of the road for The Player? Would any team take a chance on him? Regardless of how he is as a teammate or performer on the field, the biggest downside is that the guy’s a walking effing circus. Seriously, he’s like an ESPN and media magnet, so no matter where he goes, what he does, or what he says, the locker room will already be a freaking calamity. The guy’s certainly a good enough player to be a difference-maker on any team, but there isn’t much denying that it’s just not worth it for a team serious about winning. Now a team just looking for headlines or one that doesn’t care because they’ve stunk, Owens would be fine. Attention Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders: it’s your move.

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  • Gene

    Like P.T. Barnum said, “There is a sucker born every minute”. Someone will take chance on T.O. because of his record of performance on the field. Of course, they will wind up with his off the field performance as well and will rue the day they signed him.

    I wonder if Jerruh released him because his numbers were way down compared with prior years, because Jerruh’s newest project, Roy Williams, would never get enough touches if T.O. were still there, or simply because the locker room divisiveness were too much to take on their own.

  • Jeff J

    I have an interesting scenario. What if he gets picked up by the Patriots. It makes sense. Look how they turned around Randy Moss, from a self centered ego driven WR to a team player. What better coach to put TO in his place than Belichick. he won’t put up with any of TO’s s%*t, and he can show TO his 5 Super Bowl rings to TO’s zero.

    Imagine Tom Brady with both Moss and TO available to throw to on any given down. Which one do you double team? If you do, the other one is open. I predict if the Patriots pick up TO, they win the whole thing next year, as long as Brady stays healthy.

  • Anders(on) Varejao

    I agree with Jeff J. The first thing I thought was, ” I wonder if Belichick wants a crack at him?” He’s just crazy enough to do it and make it work. Moss and TO split out wide while Welker runs wild underneath. That would be crazy.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Brady with Moss and T.O. on opposite sides with Welker in the slot, the Rams would have to renounce the rights to the name “Greatest Show on Turf”