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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Terrell Suggs to Skip Bayless: Be an Analyst, Don’t be a Douchebag (Video)

Typically I’m one of the first people who will tell you Terrell Suggs needs to stop talking and just play football.  Whether he’s complaining about the Ravens offense or telling everyone that the Broncos need God to save them, Suggs generally talks too much.  That being said, he was surprisingly quiet leading up to the AFC Championship game.  He refused to take the media’s bait on several different occasions and had nothing but positive things to say about Brady and the Patriots.  Leave it to Skip Bayless to get the motor going again fresh off the Ravens’ devastating loss on Sunday.  Have a look at this exchange between Bayless and Suggs on ESPN’s First Take Monday morning:

Apparently a situation arose in which Boldin fumbled the ball out of bounds and the Ravens thought they had a first down.  The ball cannot be advanced when a player fumbles it out of bounds for obvious reasons, but the play led to some confusion with the scoreboard.  Suggs mentioned that the play was strange, and Bayless took the opportunity to try to get him wound up about it.

“You know what I’m talking about with the confusion,” Suggs said. “When Anquan Boldin fumbled the ball out of bounds we thought (since) he fumbled it past the first down marker we had a first down, which we didn’t. … So, Skip, once again stop it. Be an analyst. Don’t be a douchebag. You know what I meant.”

Naturally, Skip responded by sighing and talking to Suggs like he’s a child: “Now watch your language. You’ve done well on this show until that point.”

Bayless gets paid to stir the pot, which is why he’s so annoying.  That’s why hearing him called a “douchebag” on live television is so satisfying.

Thanks to LBS reader Josh D. for pointing out the video

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