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Monday, June 18, 2018

Tim Tebow not worried about Rex Ryan’s potty mouth

When news emerged that the Jets were interested in Tim Tebow, all the foot jokes began. Next people wondered how Tebow would handle Rex Ryan’s cussing. When Timmy was finally traded to the Jets, despite New York not reading the footnotes of Tebow’s contract, he was asked how he would deal with Ryan’s predilection for foul language. Tebow said on his conference call Wednesday he knew that question was coming.

“I have so much respect for Coach Ryan as a coach I think he’s an absolute great coach. He’s a coach you want to play for, that you want to do well for. Just listening to the way he coaches and talks about his players — he has their back. There’s not many places you’re going to go where you’re going to where you’ll have the cleanest language in a locker room, so I’m not worried about that,” Tebow told the media.

It was a typically strong response from Tebow and he seems excited to play for Ryan. What people forget is that Rex supposedly toned down the cussing after receiving a lashing from Tony Dungy two years ago. The question is whether Rex has actually made any changes. Either way, after spending the last several years in locker rooms, I’m sure Tebow is used to it.

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